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When books are open we find that we have wings….

“When books are open we find that we have wings….”  Ben Carson

Inspiration its one of driving powers which drives us to achieve so many things in our lives, I guess everyone at some stage has been inspired. When I share my achievements with others especially here back home,  it so happens, I find there two main audiences, the first group understands that there is inspiration, motivation, etc. behind me, while the second group thinks it’s a miracle and I just happen to them by chance. This reminds me a beautiful passage from a book by Jane Goodall “Reason for Hope”

‘Africa is locked in a time warp of mystification. Africans mystifies everything. It is the pseudo-modernism of today’s Africa: one foot in the primitive and heavily complexed past and another in Modernism, in a superfluous and destructively competitive way; with no heart in it. It is the same way, through lack of understanding; or un willingness of commit the effort to understand…’

Although I have never given too much thought too my inspiration but when I dothe list is long and varied. A list varying from folks I hear about, who I meet, what I see (Hollywood movies), etc but the one thing I remember very well, is the one I attain through complex process of peaking through an alphabet, combine letters, to make a word, sentence, process it in the brain till I can use it as I knowledge and understanding: BOOKS. |Books carry lot of mystery, this is my list which has greatly influenced and inspired me.

Chinua Achebe’s – These were literature books with fictionalized stories of Nigeria which fit into so many sub-Saharan African countries. His work such as ‘Things Fall Apart’ and ‘Man of the people’ were a stories which before I thought was shame, it was about our awkwardness, but after reading it several times I found out it a worthwhile story to tell. Already at a young age I felt proud of my heritage. I was inspired by the way the author twists reality with a little fun and humor yet remaining serious. I think there are more stories like that which need to be told which, I’m sure to read one day when I find them.

Think Big – (Ben Carson) – I grew up in the Christian family pass to all religions to reach ‘respect others beliefs, mother-nature is supreme’. Thanks to Christianities emphasis on learning more. Ben made it out from huge pool of racial discrimination in the suburbs of Detroit and single parent childhood. His work which connected with Christianity is dedicated to youths realizing their potential through ‘Power of positive thinking’ while inspire with his achievement.

Reason for Hope – (Jane Goodall) I’m motivated to see the conservation of nature made a priority in our daily life. Jane’s story is one of its kind. How she made it all the way, came up with her mission: ‘Education, Conservation and Humanitarian’. I share her optimism.

Into Africa – This book come in when it comes to the question of adventure and history. It combines obsession, desire of fame, passion, etc. of the first Europeans explorers into Africa. Their encounters of which some, are totally unimaginable. It discusses their discoveries, their impact and consequence of such practices such as slavery, the end of slavery and the slave trade, the passing of Africa to colonial rulers.

Paulo Coelho’s – Despite his books having much contradiction and face high criticism back home, Coelho still influences and stimulates many people. I come across ‘The Alchemist’ before taking off on my first long bike ride; It was a piece of work which give rebirth of dreams. It was easy to find all of his books along my travels, from backpacker’s lodges,  hotel shelves and other travelers.

                          ‘The young all have the same dream: to save the world. Some quickly forget this dream, convinced that there are more important things to do, like having a family, earning money, travelling and learning a foreign language. Others though, decide that it really is possible to make a difference in society and to shape the world we will and on future generation’ Paulo Coelho.

Lance Armstrong – Since I switched my awareness in the bike, I’ve to know this several times winner of Tour De France / cancer survivor. Read his bio and achievement, it’s enough to inspire anyone.

The list runs on and so forth, now I’ll be happy to share them here as part of my inspiration and motivation.


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Replacement XT Bottom Bracket most urgent

it would appear that Elvis’s BB (bottom bracket) on his soon to be trusty steed has seen better days. If anyone out in the www can help, we’re looking for a replacement XT BB to fit a Salsa Fargo. Please drop any of us a mail if you can assist, thanks.

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50,000 miles not smiles….

It is 6:30pm, the sky looks like that piece of colorful cloth with picture of elephants, giraffe or Mt. Kilimanjaro silhouetted against sundown, it’s a lovely image and one for which a tourist could pay a small fortune to take back home with them . In this land of little change, except the raised midday temperature, the change in wind direction and of course, sunrise and sunset.

Botswana,  long day, long straight roads, I was about to confirm my own madness for making a decision of traveling with a bike. The silence of this vast empty land gives me the chance to wonder deep within my mind try to find the possible reason of what is the hell I was doing, these moments were interrupted time to time by huge loads tracks passing with such force making me wobble like a drunkard. Most of them, highly visibly, display the front and rear  phrase ‘Hakuna Matata’ ‘No worries’.

Every day I thought it was my  last and vowed never again will I do such an insane but eventually I made to Cape Town. I would like to say Botswana is amongst of the most boring countries to cycle in,  if not an excuse of losing my emotion and enthusiasm in this country.

With memories of Botswana again, as I sit in my room and stare at the map of the world I have up on the wall. I draw a line of my planned route, and estimate the distance to be about 50,000miles. No matter how small this map appears nor how I try to pronounce the number, still, I can’t smile!

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