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It has been a week caught in the city or Nairobi which sometime change to Nairobbery depend with the place and time so watch out! Most of the international embassies for East& Central Africa based in Nairobi, as part of prep I need to get some visas in advance at least to those countries I may fly to, this have been the begin of one of very challenge part dealing with ‘Sirs & Madams’, bureaucratic. Apparent it appears that all this people use some kind of old codes/ script more than Old Testament.

My shit shows start at Tanzania revenue authority, Namanga border where my Go Pro camera was returned by Ups courier who I refused to deal with cause of their unprofessional characters. After whole day of argument with these officials, I realized I need one year to get right service which I deceive. I’m not sure how come you can tax $300 worth equipment 310,000Tsh ($200)?? When I was paying the casher who is quit old  and who didn’t speak since I start running around here, he told me ‘I’m sorry the system we are using are too old for you to grasp for sure something should be changes but it’ll take time’ his tune and expression left me speechless. I just work out across the busy border try to mind my own business like the dogs, cats, guy selling yellow fever vaccination, money changers, tourists, etc I stump to Kenya welcome myself with cold Tusker before board to Nairobi. On the way there was police/military check point almost after every 10-20km, I was told they are checking for smuggled sugar from Tanzania, apparent in these two counties there are shortage of this sweet human addiction.

Sitting in the matatu watching the dark sky with full moon and trillion stars I wonder what is this country should focus on; Try to stop smuggled sugar which running to 2500Ksh (about$30) per kg in Nairobi or deal with Alshabaab who plant grenade in the in the country and threatening it potential tourism industry or Yellow fever coming from Uganda’s side or workers strikes and inflation or corruption where by the member of parliament refused proposed names of people to run this life threaten institution. The whole matter become talk of Passion as one of the MP claimthese people are luck of ‘Passion’ so the argument carry on ‘passion engage when there is love affair and not professional’,‘woman has passion so they should given this work’, should someone given passion like this regarding passion?’ and lastly but not on the list one MP say ‘Mr. Speaker there is nothing like passionometer so we could measure the passionof these people’. I guess even Mr. Speaker could not say anything, time was over and matter remain undecided while medias sell their products. It should remember at this very parliament is where MPs fight each other, perhaps it one of active parliament!

Mean while Nairobi life seems to be entertains in one way it was sad enough to find out Monday was a public hold day as the country celebrates 49 years of self ruling. Luck enough I got invitation to one of the Rotary club bush in the rift valley hills where I had a chance to introduce my project to this charity network. On Tuesday shit shows continue as Chilean embassy broke the news that the consul is not around to sign you are visa, ‘can I apply it from somewhere else?’  ‘Yes but you have to write latter

Why not try to make a world better place for all?

 The option is to try Argentina since I can fly in and continue with the tour as planned, here still waiting for Chile to come back and battle with Argentina. The whole thing becomes a matter of convincing, I tried to show all relevant info and explain my situation but for these guys the answer have been the same ‘Financial’. This kind of situation bring lot of negative though of unfair though in this case it might be the guy in desk doesn’t want to give extra though of exceptional situation and from this individual we make the world to be a worse place, Why not thinking a little bit? Why not try to make a world better place for all?  As we are fight for things like globe worming, economic system, etc all relay upon us which start from individual.  

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Either for charity or not for charity…

   ‘The nature intelligence and great feeling for the living world around them.

They’re very humble in their debts to nature’ The poison wood bible, Barbare Kingsover

Taking off from the hectic of preparation, last weekend I spent evening with backpackers from Europe and America. They have been hitchhike, walk, and use local transport for the last 6 months in the southern Africa. Like other travelers stories, they are stories of comparisons exotic and modern; such us How Africa is different from media and other source of info, how many people here seem to be happy not matter how difficult the life might be,find a fresh veggies, fruits etc in open sky market occupied by happy mamas. They wonder what if the development move such fast replace this local way of life with supper market where will all this mamas go, will they remain happy and satisfied as they are now.

Seattleite TV, computer, cell phone, huge air planes, are just among of unimaginable technology success of modern human being. This helps to make life more ease but it seem like this kind of technology development goes together with life system. All this have remove human being to its roots, nature connect, we are working hard to become machine! I have a feeling that we failed to balance our development.

In the area I grew up there have never been industry, life have been in a perfect balance which give us a good foundation but most us loose it as we grow up educated in the different path which never teach us how worth our world is, very useful human power lost as they can get more confused. About 60 to 70 % of Tanzania still depends direct on natural environment, fertile soil and natural rain for food production and dwindling fresh water. Without industrial development for exchange government get it foregone money from natural resources mining and tourism which based in the wealth of natural flora and fauna. Since the inter world develop through the same path regard less time and place. My concerning on this situation is most of people involved due to lack of awareness can’t make choice of their future in the early stage of this progress. It is very depressing to find out the country like Brazil which ‘international economic rank’ running high to the infinity sky while the ‘Favelas’ (slums), growing apart from rule of law out of government control. What looks like not sustainable production the country is under high demand of energy with few option to maintain it rank now it plan to clear thousands hectors of Amazon to create hydro power electric dam at the same time displacing thousands who have co-exist with this environment for centuries. What to expect more favelos? Social illness? Same stories with poor Tibetans, temples replaced by shopping centers! What a lost of our heritage.


The preparations are becoming to harder as it approach the time to start, there are few things still keep me on hold such as visa and insurance, budget for the first 6 months on the way and equipments. Thanks a millions for all of you who have already support and still supporting, nothing could be completely without you. Special thanks to Penny’s family, Erick Loy, Conserventure Foundation, Alias Msuya (Mwananchi), Arusha Times, Brooks England, Mountain Smith, Mt. Boar, Perfect Printer, and many more others who have provide invaluable support till this point.

Also special thanks for those who don’t passive what I want to accomplish, bureaucracy for making even simple thing to be hard; you make me stronger.

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