Buenos Aires, Argentina

Reserva Ecologica (Ecological reserve) this name sound very nice when my friend Adrian mention it make to expect much more than what I find I’m worry in these big cities If they have 3 big trees it can  be called park or something like that, established 1918 it went through different status till today to be called ecological reserve. Situated in the shower of Rio de la plata, the park it is just in the corner of large city of Buenos Aires. It is breading site for water birds and host about 30% of birds found in Argentina. Most people come the park for a walk, running, cycling or hang out. I meet 3 ladies with old binoculars try to identify birds that was so impressive. They are just ordinary people with passion of nature something which I find it not common in here, they told me that the reserve it facing lot of challenge since it have been created. Being situated in the rich neigh hood with sprawling long building, rich people scramble to get that piece of land.

Buenos Aires is a living history through it architecture, statures, city scraper, the French influenced boulevard and of cause the churches.  As I take walk to the very ease navigable streets I just simple wonder in the 1600, 1800, etc. I walk a lot here since I’m not use to very organized bus and underground train system, just making sure I understand everything which I know by reading and of cause I see in the Hollywood films.

La Boca (the mouth) it also in the shower of Rio de la plata, it here the first Spanish commander don Pedro de Mandoza land in 1536. The old port still function pretty much, the street it decorated with different colors particular yellow and blue which represent ‘La Boca’ football club, the club which produce world famous Maradona. It also home of Tango music,  restaurants and bars blear lovely music as tourist encouraged to dance and take photos of Tango dancing. Football here it has great part for locals, my friend is great supporter of Racing so the second day here he tell me that will be also my club. For the first time I though it wasn’t a great deal but as I kept on introduced to other dudes that become main question, to make it worse now they gave me scarf, I have couple dude want me to support La Boca but I choose Racing.

Argentina politics it one of the things you will like actual ordinary folks doesn’t seem to be very informative in this field, I had conversation with one activist. He told me most of Argentina cant keep track of how manypresidents they have every had while in Tanzania we had four so far and we fill it a lot already.  There have been good number of coups and revolution but no matter the country still enjoy the patriotism, politics is well connected to economy and improving life.  Argentina found in the most southern part of Continental America, pre-Columbian history showed that the mountain kingdom of Inca lived in the north west, it was surprise to find out that 86.4% of the country population is European descendant , it new country just like USA or Canada, though I think Argentina they have less sense of European.  Got it independent form Spain 1810, use it rich natural resource well particular agriculture potential, it actual produce lot of food during second world war. In some point Argentina raised to among of 10 rich countries in the world benefit from agriculture export economy as well as British and French investments  in the mean time it population grow but now it just grow for 1.7% with life expect of 79 years.  Argentina has market oriented economy with abundant resources a well educated population, export oriented agriculture sector and relative diversified industrial base.

Different from Africa where you will find more cooked food here I’m just learning how to consider bread as food, which more often goes with meat. I also learned how to enjoy ‘Mate’ a traditional drink, for the first time it test like sort of medicine plant which remind me of my grand mother medicine she used to give me when I was young but now after I while I’m used to. It actual involved small rules but quite important eg; never stair it when your given since it has the dry plant you may be attempted to stair it, make sure you point the straw to the person and last but not on the list never say thank you before your satisfied.

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  1. Posted January 22, 2012 at 7:32 pm by Pat Frederick | Permalink

    You are a history lesson and I love reading about what you encounter and how you translate it from your perspective. (which is what history really is, from some persons perspective, isn’t it)

    Good luck, and I await your possible arrival in Tucson, Arizona.

    • Posted January 22, 2012 at 10:09 pm by Elvis | Permalink

      Hi Pat,
      I think history is recorded from one’s perceptive. What I’m experience right now it total different from what I thought, I think the world is living school to make as fresh, Argentina history made me fresh. Our understand of this part of the world in Africa is Brazil produce coffee, Argentina farming, Colombia banana, etc.
      Cant wait to see the legendary United State of America:)

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