How much should I learn…?

In the small mountain village we had one bus hauling people to the downhill to the seasoning farms and the small town of Moshi town of approximately 5okm, going early in the morning and come back in the evening for six day a week.  In my culture the best way for adult to deal with child problem is to scare them so since no one want the young to be swallowed in the big stomach of town always the story will be exaggerated and the big literature here is world of mouth there was no proper ideal of why you go to school though most were encouraged to study.

Today as I get enough of bureaucracy avoid to think about the failure I’m facing I focus my attention to the simple things around, take a walk in the well lightened street of Buenos Aires this child hood memory come to me. I remember how I get enough of stories and focus more on the people, who could reason, my teachers, the priests, for instance. I just admire how they were passing their knowledge, it made me less scared so I like what they were teaching and I didn’t have to straggle.  

I remember the day I skip class hid my exercise books under stone, pretend to be with someone and jump in the bus, for the age of 12 I made big discovery of my own none of my peer knew how the town look like in that time. It was thrilling experience but also traumatizing seen how the place operate, as I grew up I didn’t west time so just try to get used to.

Well, probably that couldn’t work; Elvis you can’t get used to it is ridiculous; this was my conclusion when I visit South Africa for the first time.  Today in Buenos Aires is more; if you want to go fast you pass on top of other, the road is passing on top of house the concrete lifted up there.  The buses and taxes never have to stop to wait for customers and their enough to confuse you; I’ll need a proper class to know to use them. As that not enough underneath there are others as close busy as up here. The second day here at the park eating with my friend I felt like the earth was shaken so I thought it is earth quack ‘Don’t worry it is subway’, and that was still confusing ‘Subway’ isn’t that a eating place like Mac Donald?  ‘No it underground electrical train system’ Damn! How stupidly I’m?  So if you’re calculating we have already had three layers of transport, just transportation!

Apart of having three layers it just solve little of the problem, there are millions of traffic lights. I was real pissed off the day I get lost and took the tax, the drive tell me it not far so I shouldn’t worry so he point me to the meter and there we go, I wish to get off and run seen how much time we’re wasting on each traffic light. I just wonder how much have been invested in the city like this, will my country one day be like this, guess if we make it to hear we will be in debt till the end of the world.

I agree that development is good though it make me feel like I’m living in the film and looking forward to the END. My concerning here is the energy consumption just forget about what people use in their house; the amount of water spent in the industries to run this kind of life, the amount of fuel; I don’t see any sustainabilityof this kind of system.   

I’m still learning …

I love animals but I should be honest, I’m shocked by the number of pet especial dogs here. Walk in the streets every after town minutes is someone with dog though different kind of appearance which I have never seen before, guess you can order according to your preference.  I should be clear for my folks back home; these are not just merely dogs! They are not dogs which leave und $1 per day, they are dogs which see doctors … I mean vet. When they are not feel good, I’m sorry to say they enjoy far away better care compare to maasai baby in Engaruka.  They are great possession and huge human company here. I’m learning to say  ‘You have a nice DOG’.

And I’m still learning …

Argentina surprised me with women empowerment before I thought African way of treating women it also influenced by religion but that seems to be wrong here. This is one of these country founded by Christian missions though I’m worry religion it just history here. No Bible neither Koroan  give much power to women but Brazil, Argentina and Chile women have already enjoyed what other women still is a merely dream.  Seems like Argentina set example since Eva Peron took power after his husband who was president at that time passed away and now Christine from the Peronist part she is a president. So women here have their respect and nothing to compare with how their treated in Africa by the way I respect all culture.

I’m not writing this to talk about women rule actual I’m terrible in that subject. I want to talk about the fact that Argentina women or these I have seen in BS they are beautiful. Before I knew much about this beautiful women just for my observation it seem like they were living to their own world, that was conclusion I got when I had a chart with friends. They claim that their ladies are hysterical. The advice I got from this exporters any way may be every man is expert of ladies as ladies for man, they say some spent lot of money for surgery. On top of that there are bad girls and good girls so any one should watch out, what that supposes to mean? If you’re up to that subject you better research!


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  1. Posted January 31, 2012 at 6:46 pm by Jacob | Permalink

    Elvis. Great to read on your experiences so far. Crazy about the dogs compared with Masaai babies, bwana. Pole ya beauracracy lakini hiivi liza shida kidogo kwa ishi. Kumbuka.. fanya pole pole na utakuwa safi.

    • Posted February 1, 2012 at 10:20 am by Elvis | Permalink

      Hey Jacob!
      Guess you get it wrong; dog can not compared with babies, I said “dogs might enjoy the luxury/comf more than babies”. Hope you can weigh it and get my point.

  2. Posted January 31, 2012 at 7:52 pm by Bwana Twiga | Permalink

    Keep your chin up, Elvis. Everything will work out. It always does. Just remember how lucky you are to have the opportunity to see a foreign city like Buenos Aires.

    I am always wondering about how you are doing. Have faith that your visa will arrive. The delay will make it more exciting!

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