There can only be true courage…

There can only be true courage where first there genuine fear. Dr. David Livingstone.

It second week pass bay and I’m still in Buenos Aires imagine that is I could be on the road that is about a 1000km, Tour d’ Afrique cross Africa kick off on 15th and now they have already count down one country. My routine here is very simple; wake up in the morning, raise my spirit, try the best to be happy even though I’m not, take a subway on which now I’m becoming expert. From subway station it few blocks and Chile flag it there; red, blue, white with red star. I before I enter embassy building I always look at it as someone looking at virgin Marry for short pray. Enter in the visa room with Spanish signs hang around, the face I have been seen for week now, my spirit start going down, I know what is the answer. I never go there as they tell me come next Thursday or so instead I pop in every after one day. They will ask me what your name of your country is. Other day ‘what is your last name’, other day ‘do you have your passport with you’ that how it goes and they disappear behind the counter return with fake smile; ‘Sorry Sir there is no answer for your visa from Chile yet’ that why I hate smiling!! I’m very expression less in these moments so my question is ‘Do you have ideal when they will replay?’ before they would tell me ‘not too long just come next week’ but now they are tired with my face so they just give it to me; ‘No’ which means you’re on your own! The explanation visa for my country should take 15-20days which I total understand but I ask them if by chance they could assist since I have bus booking and short time in Argentina. In some point they said my country is very far which make me wonder if we are in the same planet. One day certain dude get enough scream and swear to them but for me I keep my head down since I believe this people in the desk they may not be the one to who are responsible but some of them how they give it to you, it real discouraging.

Now I realize the big challenge ahead is BUREAURACY reasonable amount of time have been spent to deal with this one part. It worried but also make me strong and courageous. The main lesson here is to be patient and ‘take it ease’ as my friend Sharita told me just only words she could say to me regarding the tour.

Couch Surfing getharingAs I do my best to take it ease and try to stay fresh I put more time to improve my Spanish. I recently join couch surfing community which Inever know it such huge and popular, it quite touristic in terms of meeting though at mean while it has lot of benefit for travelers I do my best to fit in. I recently got invitation to visit Rottary Club of Buenos Aires with condition to wear suite and tai. Despite the fact that I don’t have those clothes I can even remember last time I was in that costume. My friend he encouraging me take the offer he will borrow me suit and tai but shoes is different story, I’m not sure if I’ll put on my maasai shoes of cycling one.

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  1. Posted January 28, 2012 at 8:34 pm by Nigel Francis | Permalink

    Chin up ol’chap. It will happen as every queue has an end!

    Reminds me of arriving in Namibia and trying to get a work visa, pulled my hair out!

    Its all part of the long distance cyclist. I remember Riaan Mansar having troubles too.

    • Posted January 28, 2012 at 10:05 pm by Elvis | Permalink

      Guess that is way it is…

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