Rotary Club of Buenos Aires & Things I still Wonder…

This Wednesday I was invited to participate in the Rotarty Club of Buenos Aires, this was real cheer up as I straggle with visa. The invitation was due to my charity project, the goal to raise awareness for sustainable development and my connection with one of my sponsor Rotary club of Mount Meru Arusha.  Though I’m not official Rotarian I receive worm welcome and recognition before the club president as ‘Elvis from Rotary club of Mount Meru Tanzania’  The president of the club acknowledge that it is his first time to meet a Tanzania .  There were plenty of casual comments and question such as; ‘How did you know Rotary, Were your parent Rotarians?’ I like   this one  ‘ Your tour is going through the migration of the people from Africa to South America’ I have never think about this one before though I knew that theory so now I’ll be tracing the way back home! Though  I didn’t had chance to present my project  I was kept busy with these gentleman who were quite curious to know about where I came from and what I’m up too.  As a visit and Rotary tradition I was presented by cub banner for exchange but unfortunately it was unequal since I don’t have Mount Meru club banner.

 Rotary club of BA is second oldest club in Latin America, with quite huge number of member compared to those clubs I know in Tanzania. It real a formal club all has to be in suit and tai so as I.

I have negative pecipactive regarding this kind of clothes,  I always felt it sort of mental slave and hid evil. It always worn by certain people in the community most with good income, they also sold for ridiculous prices. I’m not communist neither capitalist if those thought exists I simply believe in the in the better life and freedom for all. Not all of us we can wear it for some reason but please that don’t make us less humans or so. Though being in this clothes I find out it nice dress code for the certain occasion so I glad I learn lesson in different way.

It is hot here and this dress is made for walk, I had to walk 10 blocks to the Marriote Hotel and wait for subway in the tunnel it wasn’t very pleasant. As I said suit make you look like you have money so as I walk in the busy street of Florida I was offered ten times leaflet for restaurants, cinema, sex massage,  souvenir shops, salsa dancing photo pose, and what not. This was different compare to the other times when  I pass this street with my tired short and maasai shoes. Even some fella in the street shout ‘ Hola negro tienes uno peso’


And the things which I’m still learning or wonder here….

I’m not quite sure if it because there are too many people here or life it more busy, I can’t real understand the feeling or the situation in the public places such as in the bus or train.  As people hop in the get busy with something, cell phone, ipods or just looks something and get lost there. Every one avoids eye contact. It quite difficult for me who have to confront people ask for directions, looking for tattoo, hair styles, dress, etc. These things are very interesting, new for me and I’m sure you have tattoo or fun hair style in order other to see but  when these folk find out I’m looking at them they gave me sort of stare which make me pretend like I’m not looking at them try to read my map or so.


For Tanzanians…

Hope the doctors are back to the hospital.  As I’m it need a degree of patient for visa for the only one explanation ‘for your country is take long’  which doesn’t even tell you how much! I went to Bolivia embassy to see if this could be my option if Chilean will not work out till next Monday. I couldn’t believe that Tanzanians we can have 30 day free tourist visa! 

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