Mexico City…Mission ‘Salida’

Mexico City is among the largest city, you can I imagine   28 million people living in one city. I was shocked to see it from above as I land. As the people of the city seem to be good in complicating things, taxes driver in airport prolong the matter of me having bike box and my equipment. I had got enough of complications so I just put my bike together and cycle into massive city.  It took me 3 hours to find cheap accommodation, in this moment I wasn’t sure how bad Mexican direction is, simply people doesn’t bother to explain much. Everyone you ask is just saying ‘yes all direct…todo derecho’.

 Maina is Kenayan friend teaching African studies and Ki-swahili I one of the university here though he didn’t had much time due to work but it was nice to meet, it so was surprise to find out how Kenya and Tanzania sound like one country.  I’m sure Mexico City is good to visit like other city but after spent the whole day get my necessity I was more than good to live the city it in peace.

As I tried to ask for the direction to exit ‘salir’ I could sense all kind of complication, the cars seem like bees. The roads are so confusing even for the local but instead of locals tell you they don’t know or not sure they will say I believe is all direct. I had to go and come back and what not. I learn to ask direction from transit police and tax drivers but that didn’t real make things better as one of the transit police direct me to the high way. I stuck in the high way for 20km till the traffic was low.

After spending so many times in Amazon moving with boats and deal with difficult authority it was feel so good t get back in the bike. I could sense what I missed the freedom of moving into vastness out of hassling and bustling of the cities.  Out of the city folks were cheering up with whistling and up louse couple of people passed me and wait ahead to offer cold drinks and ask to take photo. It was an interesting day which bury all the recent experience. In the evening I made to the small town out of the main way, I stop in well maintained plaza with historical buildings.  The plaza was lively with some performances which end up lasting for half a night. I found another abandoned plaza which made a good camping.

  I come to find out later the festival it was church festivals that become more less the scene in most of the town I went through. The towns centers are Spanish inspired with architectures and formation, they all date back into 1500’s. The surprised fact is these towns were fund by great influence of catholic Christianity; one center has more than 3 churches linked with narrow streets of domiciles and plazas.  What create amazing atmosphere in these town centers is today Mexican culture; Mexican has quite distinctive culture food, music, dress cord and social organization. Church is still strong organization though it may be weak in terms of masses, there is session every day ‘Santo Antonio, Santa…. and names go on and on.

In the evening every one hangs out in these plazas, there are varieties of street for individual, groups or organized bands performing certain kind of music.

In Queretaro I’ll come across first Tanzanian since I left the country, Ombeni he is also from Arusha, Married to Mexican also work as language trencher, he received me with same excitement as I’m also first county man to encounter after 3 yrs. From here there will be couple of contacts to San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas  and Durango which all make the ride so amazing as I had a bed every after a day of camping. I Zacatecas the NTR (media) pay for me a comfortable room and cover the project.

The ride has been ease so far with few challenge of rolling hills and hot days. So far I have positive experience in Mexico but it may sound scaring when locals ask me if I have been robbed so far in Mexico. The fun thing is everyone tells you that their town is the safest one but the next town isn’t at all. On the way I come across paramilitary and strictly searching for drugs and weapon. Cartels and drug traffic in Mexico seem to grow strong as a stop over from South America to state.


Crossed topics of Cancer,    counting down kilometers I made to Durango (thanks to Omar for your kindness),   now I’m turning to left to the Pacific ocean,  ‘Siera de Madre Oxidental’ is a pass awaiting before I hit the coast which will take me to Guaymais and from the I’ll be looking forward to USA; not sure of my feelings as I approach this legendary land.  


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  1. Posted June 25, 2012 at 2:57 am by Nicholas | Permalink

    It is always nice to read your posts. Keep on and take care!
    Nicholas, Lili and Francisco.

  2. Posted June 25, 2012 at 9:18 am by Jan | Permalink

    you are looking forward to the States; I am looking forward to your next post.
    I love to read it, buddy, you go go go goooooo….

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