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Arrive East…
Since I wasn’t in the window I only had a glimpse of skyscraper of most known city, city of New York. I transfer to it outskirt. My friends Jacob’s house is in the oak woods, that was surprise have seen south west of the county I wasn’t sure what to expect. The lush green of east is pleasant, my friend Jack always complain for pollution, pesticides for lone, sport hunting for few remain deers, quad bike and dirt motor cycle along side the river and small remain forest. It make me feel like conservation is other kind of Cold War but we are small more than USSR.
The visit to New York City and it neighborhood, it a life time experience which made me travel back on time and come back with question; How far can we go interns of adaptation and sophistication?
Walk through ‘Time Square, Brood way, (Wall Street), etc. It made me feel lie un ant,buildings are tall. It seem like rush hour it for all day time, the yellow taxes I used to see in the movies they actual exist, they never stop. Instead of noise and hon it sirens. The fun thing I saw is bikes here are locked with ‘haven duty’ chain but that doesn’t stop them to steel it they unscrew things like handle bar, wheels, etc.
Unlikely other cities hare people seems like their are controlled with remote, they know what to do exactly,  it is likely to see all races here. Styles and dressing might be the extreme one I have ever see but unfortunately there is no one pay attention to another, electronics or pats are good companions.
I wonder how people manage to live here but one of my encounter told me he (I guess) told he love city life and would never be able to live anywhere else. I agreer, think of my village without electricity, one bus, fetch water into the river, run to school through the forest, certain bird will tell us if is going to be bad day or we’ll receive a visitor. I’m on the train transfer to Massachuttsses after finish with New Jersey and New York, trying to compare this too life but northing fit.
Find home away from home
I remember mention Vermont to one of the folk I met in Yuma, he is citizen of US but he wasn’t sure if this was part of state or it is region in Canada. First time when I hear about this state I thought I was deceived, it was back home , some of SIT students mention he same things again this time I though may be these they where giving us hope. When I cross to Arizona I find a book from Bill Mc Kiben, Eearth, after read that book I was assured that Vermont it place I should visit. Luck enough Vermont fail into plan. Lindsey is a friend I met several years ago in Tanzania, she is the one tell me about Vermont for the first time. She hosted me and organize 3 good events. Diving from New Hampshire, we start climbing slowly at one point we come across wonder view of green mountains, that is Vermont. Vermont has total unlike atmosphere of other part of the county I have seen so far. Most Vermontian has small farms and few livestocks they all organic. Here I could find non pasteurized milk! Every thing here are in small scale even the famous ‘Cabot Cheese’ industry it small more than it fame.  For what I have seen in Vermont for my casual observation, I wish to see African countries develop in such sustainable and quality way. 
It also here where there was great reunion…
My involve with School for International Training it was another chance to learn , some of the students remain in contact, supporter and good friends, actual this is how I end up in the East coast. In Vermont second talk was on of it kind see all the familiar faces.  One of them gave me a note with words which made me remember I exist! ; 
                   “You have big heart and kind soul, and all of you are hard work for the good of others will pay off for you in an incredible way. I admire your spirit and courage and commitment to you are values.
 I will never forget the help that you gave m, never ask for anything in return….”
These words remind me lot of things and once again enforce my believe, life it small rotation based on the great balance, by receiving we gave just like the balance of our universe. 
Present feelings and vision…
I have never trained for public speaking it just a thing I do as I cycle, I’m worst in rehearse because I believe in nature!  hah! long way to become professional.  When I speak for the first  I was trying to share my feelings, tell the story of challenge and experience, later I come up with the vision. As I continue I’ll come to find out that this isn’t ease thing at all. We have variety of interest, ideas so it not ease to know what is good. I could be in the different situation if I was only talk about education and environment conservation but today as I have to ask people to donate to my initiative it make the situation harder.  Sometime I have to talk for 10 minutes, this means I need very strong points and words but for this kind of groups who doesn’t have time the result is also minimum. I speak with my fourth language the same I use to write now, if there is no time for questions it unlikely for every one to get it clearly. Speak at place like Princeton with such a formal people, it was little scary, the crown was so passive, it was difficult to know if I was in contact with them or no. When the audience are bit informal it tend to be relaxed atmosphere, when I speak at backyard or farm in Vermont it was kid of forum and effective for all objective.  For two informal event in Vermont one at the farm and other at small book shop, Galaxy I felt satisfied just to see how the message reached the audience also the donation was more than I expect, $750.
Boston to Los Angles…
The east coast talks end with full day talk to different classes in high school at Providence, Rhode Island.  This was a long talking I have ever done in one day, I think it could be tire some if was normal audience but these were 16-18 years old high school kids from different countries. They pay attention and ask very interesting questions the situation which surprised even their teachers. They remind me the time when I was in their age, know less dream high!
Now my voice start to fade away in the everning I start to feel slightly headache ad swelling throat but I still have one more talk at Mass Audbon, nature center. Transfer through Boston with traffic I try to nap so I could serve some energy but didn’t work out. 7pm at Nature Center the turn out wasn’t as it was expected despite the fact that there was lot of promotion. Surprised even for myself I was still enthusiastic to give the talk for this small crowed , the organizer John who also is adventurer spent one year walk in Massachuttsses, he was bit concern if I was going to talk or no. 
Just as usual in the small crowed it turn out that they were people with special interest; some were good adventurer, some conservationist. Rob Armstrong drive all the way from Rhode Island bit delay but he made it. After talk Rob who is interested to join me on the finish line back home, he handler me a cheque, it was $1 000, I have never hold a cheque with this number before! 
I had one day of meeting with ‘bike not bombs’ organization, the initiative which was established during the war in Nicaragua, to day they donate bikes and skills in several developing countries include Tanzania! Without know they have been involved with one of the NGO which support my first bike trip in Africa (
On friday the day start early, it time to go back to west and continue with riding. About 4hrs flight from Atlantic coast to Pacific coast. It was a clear day great view of Great Lakes region we took a long loop to Canada territory then cross the country from north to south. Even on the plan with speed of 550mph I couldn’t comprehend how big the farms middle of the country are. 
With adrenaline of flying and imagination of human achievement it wasn’t a good moment for reflection but here I couldn’t stop the though to flow; the trip to east was such overwhelm personal experience. I have seen what was only imagination to me, I learn a lot and this knowledge and understand which will always be with me. Personal support and  in general for my initiative reinforce my believe that even if the goal seem to be far and big to reach  but there is all possibility! It was had to say yes or no when Rafio’s family on top of their donation and support, offered a gift of an iPad. I’m now writing in this small amazing machine, thank you very much.  Think of those individual supports and all the people come to me after talk share their short story or just to wish good luck, it make me feel like the challenges i’m taking on it not only for me and in that way I feel more stronger. 
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  1. Posted September 24, 2012 at 7:34 am by Nigel Francis | Permalink

    Very well done on the donations Elvis. Great for you to really see the OTHER world! Cities, you either lov’em or hat’em! Not my cup of tea either, rural man too. N

  2. Posted September 24, 2012 at 6:02 pm by Pat Frederick | Permalink

    Good job Elvis. You are an inspiration to all of us that with friends and effort anything is possible. Your quest is “pure”.

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