“The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight. The capacity for delights gift of paying attention”
The story of Portland city is well known among young people, it human nature that we feel like the current system is not good enough. Yes, sometime is true but sometime I think is just like juvenal Chimpanzee or Elephant, monk fighting in their peer group and rebel against their parents. 
As an outsider I have advantage of observing, once I observe the life system of US I wonder how long it took to reach this point of sophistication. It pure capitalist which does’t allow its citizen to go to Cuba because they will be contaminated,  the only challenge is when I find out that it a system which make you go high, high and high, having 2, 3,big luxury house which may turn to be you are grave while you are still alive.Having 1, 2 monster vehicle because you don’t know were the fuel come from.  I know that we all work towards betterment but it always good to see this with integrity and sustainability. 
Portland city it a different niche, compose students who came here for school from the big city which they call ‘Concrete jungle’ . Up here they find the state which choose different path of growth event though it still a small fish in the ocean. 
I am not sure, it might be a natural call, people from ‘Concrete jungle’  embrace the awareness of this place. Being able to compose their composite, seen the whole process and then use it to produce vegetable.  I share this joy with my hosts, ‘these potatoes are from my garden’, ‘these eggs are from my chickens’  I see such a deep appreciation and satisfaction. The echo of this joy for me it appeal rather strong, it suitability, cut off of emission of hauling food from 1 000miles away, cut off of chemical faming. 
As I mention before, bicycle culture is very strong in Portland, most of the house own one car, most of the people bike to the their work every day, even in this hash weather.  Cyclist respect and priority is so high make you feel so proud being on the bike. 
It such a culture, community life, slow pace life which bring young people up here to retire. Apparently for young people in this country, their suppose to work hard as much as possible so they can  enjoy life when they retire.  Ironical, in Portland they work in coffee shop, volunteer of some sort, work at cooperative market, ride bike, etc . Being here in the time of election seem like politicians miss this growing part of society. 
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