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Thanks Giving

“The ultimate measure of man is not where he stands in the moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Martin Luther King, J

It is such an eternal battle when it comes to making decisions of what should be the next move in what I thought was the ultimate plan. The challenge started with visas and the plan to cycle to America through summer fell short almost two months and prevented me from reaching Anchorage, Alaska before the weather changed. Again the visa to Russia, which will allow continuation from Anchorage still remains a great puzzle.

Since the beginning, I couldn’t set off as wanderlust even if I could continue without attachment and responsibility. I would never find eternal peace, satisfaction, or happiness. I found the courage and worthwhileness of this challenge when I set out to learn about the relationship between people and their environment. The greatest threats to humans and the environment in Africa has forced individuals to sacrifice so much. Through education and conservation, we will be able to help alleviate poverty and achieve sustainable growth and protection of our natural resources.

Compromise…my second important move

I think the word ‘adventure’ may have carried different weight when Livingstone set off to find out what lay within Africa. Maybe it would have different meaning for Pururambo of Papua New Guinea if  would have never set off from the forest. For those with the internet and all the modern things and latest technology, traveling to the next city might be an adventure. For adventurers, the experience can be compared to an athlete who is determined to win a marathon–he would first spend a lot of time training and preparing to endure all that comes with the feat. Adventurers dream and sometimes their commitment leads to an obsession. It is at this point that compromise has little room. I went through this and it has been very difficult. Thankfully I have friends who argue that ‘plans are made for change’. Those friends have made me realize that it is time to take a six month break to continue to develop my conservation efforts and work, to arrange visas, reassess the route, etc.  

In this difficult time I still remain intact because I wasn’t only searching for an adventure, but for personal betterment. During the time I take a break, I will be able to start school for my Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Management at College of African Wildlife Management (MWEKA), in Moshi, Tanzania.

Asking for help and support…

Perhaps one of other challenges I am confronted with is to ask for support and help, especially financial support. I have not gone hungry this entire expedition, which means there is still enough for all of us. There is a lot of wealth in developed countries, but all humans, no matter which part of the world, have never been short of their own challenges. You can either search for these challenges to enlighten yourself or you can sit down and make lot of money to protect yourself and avoid inconvenience. There are many charities helping individuals, but sometimes it is difficult to choose who you find most in need of your support. At the last fundraiser event I held in Issaquah, Washington (outside of Seattle), I met several people who had different stories to share concerning the shortcomings of some charities and nonprofits. The stories they shared all have some truth and made me feel very ashamed of organizations disguising themselves with good intentions. Some told me of nonprofits they heard about growing into huge institution that end up spending 50-70% of their donations just on operating costs and frivolous expenses. I have seen this in Africa so I couldn’t even contribute, but instead, try to explain my future path in life. Giving without a plan may lead to bad tendencies, but I have also seen how important empowerment is to make miracles happen for those who are truly in need.

After deciding to take a break,  two of my successful entrepreneur friends suggested that they volunteer to be part of organizing trips to Africa where other adventurous people can experience different cultures and learn about conservation and the environment. The twist is that they will experience it all on a bicycle tour from Congo to East Africa and then down to Southern Africa. The profits from this tour will benefit Chile to Kili and my education, environmental conservation, and sustainable development. The tentative date for the trip has been set for November 2013.

Thanksgiving is here…

I would like to thank everyone for their great support for the Chile to Kili initiative. I wish I could count individuals and their contributions, but both amazingly and unfortunately you are too many. Because of this act of giving and sharing your stories, I am both happy and feeling loved. I have also opened my eyes to the beautiful world which we only see occasionally even though it exists within. The only thing I can promise for now is to carry on this act of helping and supporting.

We have almost received the funds for the first student and hopefully I will be awarded this scholarship as I am carrying on the mission to assist my fellow students. We are so grateful for your consideration last Thanksgiving and we hope that you will think of us this coming Thanksgiving.

Happy holidays!


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Conservation and Sustainable Development


It when we love the place that we can defend and protect’

I am writing this blog post to respond to various questions I have been asked, this is also my though of how  I think we can success on our efforts of nature  and environment conservation. 
May be civilization speed up our evolution, I am saying that because we can see that in the south where the civilization was rather in slow motion, now it among of those place which has ecosystem which is less interfered with our activities. We are all aware of northern influence to the south, north they reach extreme point of using their natural resources turn to south for more exploitation which prove to be rather difficult to stop. The economic, social imbalance and pressure have put south into more challenge situation. Young countries born with debts,end up to being source of income for northern banks till today, the development plan from banks and other monetary institutions are more of investment than empowerment. This situation left most of the southern countries into un thinkable poverty, luck of development and growing population lead to great environmental degradation. Global climate change caused with northern pollution create another lear of challenge for 3rd world countries.
Conservation awareness start in the north in the 1950’s start with declaration of demarcated areas such as Yellow Stone National Park,  as always the ideal was installed to the colonies. Without any integrity the emerging countries inherit the structure.Like other resources the large scale encroachment and-consumer still remain developed countries, this is a challenge we are facing today to save our thriving flora and fauna. 
Our passion and efforts towards conservation of flora, fauna and wild areas which also is water shed, rain forest, soil, et cetera will be more effective if we will also integrity and empower local communities. We are primary beneficiary, this is land of our accentors, we love these lands,   being from these area we are endowed with local knowledge which give as the values which is a one of the reasons to conserve the environment and resources.  
People asked me if I think there is someone to be blamed for all these, personal I don’t think so even if there is one I will not do so because this will make me run from the reality and being irresponsible, we are responsible for the situation and we have ability to make changers and decide our fate. What I learn from my young age is the roll of individual back then and still in some point things like government is too huge to understand and relay on. The river I used to fetch water it was too big to cross to day, it seasonal, in the dry season people have to walk for kilometers up stream to get water. My laboratory; frogs may be some not known yet, birds, rodent, monkeys, et cetera suffer the same extent.   This is one case in the foothill of Kilimanjaro, time to time Tanzania face tribe war between agriculturist and pastoralist fighting for the dwindling  resources. My frustration is when I find out the people from north/developed countries are short of awareness, it my hope that we will grasp this situation and be the change we wish to see.        
Change of economic and development policies towards developing countries will help souther to develop, hopeful sustainably for the sake of our remaining wild areas and environment in general.
Confession of Economic hit man’, ti a book which can give good understand. Also recently documentary ‘End of Poverty’ will help to have an idea if you do not. 
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You do not get to choose how you are going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you are going to live. Now
                                                                                                                                                                                      Joan Baez
I am sure if you follow my blog you have notice that now I move slow, I was in Portland couple of weeks ago till today I am 300miles north of Portland, Seattle Washington. Not sure why but the state is named after former president Washington, the capital named after former Indian chief Seattle and the county I am in named after activist Martin Luther King.
Soon after Portland city it is dense planted pine forest which create lush green with spot of yellow maple trees shed off their leaves. This region receive lot amount of rainfall, this result on lakes, and river running down to the ocean, this give a city unique natural beauty. Lumber, Coal and Gold rush of north helped the advancement of the city. 
In this city it where the famous chain of coffee shop, starbucks started here also Boing, Microsoft, Amazon, REA shop have their roots up here, Is it a home of entrepreneur? Can this help the country to learn how to create jobs today?
It is 47 degree North again it a beauty i the mist, rain, cold and grey sky it a common day up here but not like bit further north where my friend told me it was 2 Celsius. I am activist endowed with adventure spirit, inspired by revolution characters who sacrifices them self for the sake of humanity despite all this still I can not see my way north! Weather have been such extreme to take all my courage.
After eleven months on the saddle constantly moving, observing, learning, adopting and do the same I am now start to realize how much effect this has in daily basis life as I spent time now working on fund raise and other goals of the project. The body was accustomed to maximum work and the the brain was used to movement but now up here indoor is not option.   
I wasn’t total idle, US election keep my mind busy although I hate politics because it touch everything we do. If could live in ’60 I would choose ‘socialism’ instead of ‘capitalism’ because I think socialism is sustainable. So if I was American for the domestic policy I would choose ‘tea part’ so we can start creating jobs once again. Being from 3rd world county I can not understand in such established country people doesn’t have jobs. Yes for same gender marriage that will be difficult matter the same to ‘medical marijuana’! But obvious not about condom in the porn industry. For the foreign policy with all coast I will avoid republican. 
It was such a tense election in that case I learnt why our African countries still fail on the democracy, 20 years of so called democracy in the middle of illiterately is not enough.  
Seattle City Tour…
Now and then I get a chance to play tourist game, this time was for in Seattle. Bare in mind that a Tanzanian man will have had time to comprehend how thing are here so in some point I have to pretend that I understand and it pretty normal even though some other things are total ridiculous. How can you understand that dogs here wear clothes, ooh yes it winter although bears do not, this comrade wear nice and expensive jacket with reflector on it so it ca be seen but still on the leash with a person who also wear reflector.  I can not put my clothes on the line because my host neighbor doesn’t want to see them, this will bother their uniformed color but maple trees also change color.  My host will be fined for having dead tree on his loan. 
I board bus try to lean what I have to do because folks here speak as little as possible perhaps because it is cold, everyone in front of me scan certain card and move on. I put my bills and coins at the same place which result in denied alam but the driver wouldn’t explain to instead looking at me at last indicate I should take my money and set down, thank you so much! I took a seat next to someone, excited for free ride in the comfortable bus. With excitement I greeted my fellow passage in return I get unwelcome face, I look around most of the passages seat alone busy text, reading or just listen to music. You may offend someone by seating close by. But that was began of adventure, how you get off the bus it another thing.
As I said before hear it home of REI store, for my friend Said in Sudan, REI it chain of out door shop, then on here in Seattle is twice of Shopright in Arusha. Remember this is for outdoor only mostly clothes and shoes the rest are gadgets which I can not explain in simple language, you need to go to school to know how to operate them. Xoluo in Maun, I know you are going to ask the same question again, you nearly live out in the Kalahari but you will have to understand this. The store in outside is well decorated to bring the sense of outdoor, the man in front door asked ‘Do you know where you are going?’, he is serious for me I relate this question with what all the waiters ask when you enter restaurant ‘table for 2 or 3 or whatever the number’. Here I learn to say ‘yes’ for certain questions just to avoid complication. So I say yes and he let me in, late I realized what he meant it huge store. The fascinating things is the prices, I wear the hat which cost $1 but here cost $30. If you buy shoes there is small mountain to test your shoes or you can go to climb Kilimanjaro with and return the claim that you didn’t like the color, you can choose another one or get you are money back. 
Next is food what is america food?
I am now busy organizing fund raise event in Issaquah, this is going to be one of it kind we have got classic bike for auction together with other stuff, Music include African music, Chile to Kili slide show, etc so if you are within the area do not miss. 
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