Conservation and Sustainable Development


It when we love the place that we can defend and protect’

I am writing this blog post to respond to various questions I have been asked, this is also my though of how  I think we can success on our efforts of nature  and environment conservation. 
May be civilization speed up our evolution, I am saying that because we can see that in the south where the civilization was rather in slow motion, now it among of those place which has ecosystem which is less interfered with our activities. We are all aware of northern influence to the south, north they reach extreme point of using their natural resources turn to south for more exploitation which prove to be rather difficult to stop. The economic, social imbalance and pressure have put south into more challenge situation. Young countries born with debts,end up to being source of income for northern banks till today, the development plan from banks and other monetary institutions are more of investment than empowerment. This situation left most of the southern countries into un thinkable poverty, luck of development and growing population lead to great environmental degradation. Global climate change caused with northern pollution create another lear of challenge for 3rd world countries.
Conservation awareness start in the north in the 1950’s start with declaration of demarcated areas such as Yellow Stone National Park,  as always the ideal was installed to the colonies. Without any integrity the emerging countries inherit the structure.Like other resources the large scale encroachment and-consumer still remain developed countries, this is a challenge we are facing today to save our thriving flora and fauna. 
Our passion and efforts towards conservation of flora, fauna and wild areas which also is water shed, rain forest, soil, et cetera will be more effective if we will also integrity and empower local communities. We are primary beneficiary, this is land of our accentors, we love these lands,   being from these area we are endowed with local knowledge which give as the values which is a one of the reasons to conserve the environment and resources.  
People asked me if I think there is someone to be blamed for all these, personal I don’t think so even if there is one I will not do so because this will make me run from the reality and being irresponsible, we are responsible for the situation and we have ability to make changers and decide our fate. What I learn from my young age is the roll of individual back then and still in some point things like government is too huge to understand and relay on. The river I used to fetch water it was too big to cross to day, it seasonal, in the dry season people have to walk for kilometers up stream to get water. My laboratory; frogs may be some not known yet, birds, rodent, monkeys, et cetera suffer the same extent.   This is one case in the foothill of Kilimanjaro, time to time Tanzania face tribe war between agriculturist and pastoralist fighting for the dwindling  resources. My frustration is when I find out the people from north/developed countries are short of awareness, it my hope that we will grasp this situation and be the change we wish to see.        
Change of economic and development policies towards developing countries will help souther to develop, hopeful sustainably for the sake of our remaining wild areas and environment in general.
Confession of Economic hit man’, ti a book which can give good understand. Also recently documentary ‘End of Poverty’ will help to have an idea if you do not. 
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