10hrs, 45655m Mt. Meru ‘Challenges’

I am now set my self into routine life once again; wake up early make breakfast cycle to CRC offices work in the desk for full day. Desk work include, writing letters, call consulates and embassies, plan routes, plan calendars, go through students applications, interviews, just  few to mention. In between weeks its few talks for schools to share part of achievement of Chile to Kili and it odds.

Since I’m not very accustomed with this sedimentary life I try my best in to get out in the weekends. Thanks to my friend Erik Rowberg for borrowing his road bike so I can cycle with club in the wednesdays.

In this weekend I took off alone to hike the nearest peak of Mt. Meru 4 565m (14,977ft). There were some fun challenge in the begin of my mission, the rangers try to stop me to enter because I was using motor bike but at the same time there were some locals go through when I ask why? They said that I’m a tourist! Second they don’t believe that I have Visa card to pay with. After paying and go through all these fun challenges still the service was quite unacceptable. As I took hike up this scenic volcanic mountain alone just accompanied with the rhythm of creation, peace, calmness of nature, I think about how human can destroy his life.

I explain this when I come back home home for a break, it conflict and challenge for most of us African. I know it not wise to pass this blame to any one but the quesqueces  of culture dismantle destroyed self respect and worthiness leave them without ethics, values and morals. The rangers have stereotype though that only western are the one who can use the park, though there have been talk of promote domestic tourism but mind set and economy barrier will still be big hindrance.

Back to the mountain on sunday, I wake up in the morning to find out my bike is gone. In the street where I have been living with my family since I was 17 years old there lots of iddl young guys. Their situation can be explain in the several ways but most it luck of willing to take on the challenge, learn and adopt new way of living. My dad grew up here in the mad house with only education to allow him to write and read in Ki-swahili but he work hard determined to change the situation, he passed on this example, spirit and motivation to me. Some how being success material or mental in the pull of un success it another challenge. Things doesn’t work well in the neighborhood but moving prove to be not ease, changing this situation of unwillingness and luck of motivation sound like life investment.

Mathari Wangari a Kenya environmentalist and Nobel Peace Prize ambassador explain this well on his book ‘The challenge for Africa’ A dedication for Africans and friends of Africa.

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  1. Posted January 29, 2013 at 10:06 pm by Nigel Francis | Permalink

    Very sad to here about your bike Lelo. TIA!

    Don’t just feel it’s Africa though. I’ve had two bicycles stolen. One as a we’nipper from a railway station. Made me cry 🙁 Later in life mid 20’s, my mountain bike that I’d use for races, was stolen from college. Was suppose to be safe there!

    Lets hope it’s found or you move on and dream of a new build 🙂

    Pole mate

    • Posted January 30, 2013 at 6:34 am by Elvis | Permalink

      Your total right, I have see and here thief problems so many times, I think this owe explanation in our moderation and development of our social economy possibly also due to our increasing materialization. That have been said back here the community is still small with huge interaction, it shock me to see that we don’t cooperate any more to solve simple problems. We inflict pain to very close people. I definitely have to move on.
      Thanks buddy, enjoy NZ.

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