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Nor Way…


 Pedaling south started with promising weather I couldn’t understand my host Proff. Roskaft worries of rushing me south. As alway it ease to enter the city but getting out is something else although Trondheim is small town I had challenge to get out. Thanks to young cyclist who canceled his big ride to accompany me out of the town. With bit of sun shine and mild temperature on the flat terrain Oslo seem to be in the edge.

     This weekend is long, starting from Friday to Tuesday the road was busy with people driving up and down with their caping vehicles. Families having barbecue in the farms all these falk were stere at me but when you stere back they will pretend to act like they haven’t even see you. Seem like Norwegians know ow to play this staring game quite well. The long day light day help to push for couple of kilometers though make it harder to fall a sleep when combine with cold and rain.   One of my big early disappointment here is the prices, I showed up in the camping ground crowded with caravan vehicles to find out if could camp, it will cost me $15 just to put up my tent! Fortunately, there is still lot of open space and no sign of ‘private property’ even though it close to someone’s property. It more ease here as people prefer to pretend like they do not even see you, everyone mind his/her business.

  Second day fro Trondheim things start to change sightly, the weather start to be cooler, the river which run in the opposite direction peak momentum. I knew I was going to climb but I could see it if not the river, the climb is very gently and is not going very far just about 1,000m but this is big change up here. In the evening it start raining, it is little rain but i doesn’t stop, it is cold turn the run into a mere misery as it burn my fingers and other exposed parts.  I pushed hard to keep worm, dark fin me into the open mountain, it was already 11pm.  The half dark and cold night din’t bring lot of sleep despite the exhaustion. Around 8am when  crow out of the tent I was surrounded with low white peak, the river was raring more louder, the little rain brought floods. I made quick breakfast burnt may fingers and mouths try to run away, after 20km the weather wasn’t improving, I decide to stop for another coffee this one coast me 120 kroner about $14. This weather will give little brake till Oslo.                  

Nor Way…

The north way, yes it north way as it narrow line of coast i the north. In the begin the road of lush green failed with scattering housing along the snow melting river in the big valley surrounded with white peak mountains. While in the low land was already summer in the middle is spring as trees are recovering their leaves and into the passes it is still winter snow and glacier dominate. The panoramic view show this unique environment decorated with blue water channels wonder long way from the ocean tot he main lands, the Fiords (fjord). Looking down the landscape is dominated with very recently granite rooks, the time has allowed life here but not in any big extent. Norwegians just like the like the land they inhabits they are unique as well doesn’t matter how much they may hide but this remain to be the truth.   The legends has it as this people walk away from the complex of centralized south and find themselves here they had to duel in the caves for about 8000 years. May be this is the result of speaking less and enjoy moderate private; ‘Still water run deep’, ‘Speech is sliver but silent is golden’ these is among of some proverbs in their culture.  

                Surprisingly, this sort of village will be the same for the stretch to Oslo. In between there is small centers or towns. I was expecting Norway as other developed country to have be urbanized but that isn’t what I’m experiencing something different here which real empresses me, Norwegians adopt those small patchers of grass land in the mountain and fiords master hunting and fishing this sort of life require space and climate here requirer that you spent life indoor more than out door.  My point is people up here seem to refuge urbanization and whatever might take there freedom and private, my host prefer not to use washing machine, fridge, dry, etc. Someone offer me to take a beer so I can drink it in the evening, I said no because it is going to be too hot in my panniers. He told me not to worry; ‘just put it into water for 5 minutes and it will be cold’. This idea work perfectly. People up here give me hope that we still can make this world sustainable with moderate comfort. If Norwegians in this further north show this amazing characters of such closeness to nature combine with my experience of grew up of grew up in the equator, we all can be changes.                

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The home of Tronder tribe who are to be found within 200,000 people live in this second oldest city of Norway with the mark of cathedral which was built the time of Viking despite their reputation of barbaric. The cathedral was down of christianity which eventual took over for thousand of years till today where t is symbol and tradition . After long trip from Tanzania with slight challenge of immigration interviews and searching I landed in this beautiful city patch in the far north in the same position with Fair Banks, Alaska. The sun is out reflection the ice pecks mountains, ocean, lakes and rivers in the scattering wooden houses gives this place a unique and pleasant look.  Since the winter is long period up here people spent lots of time in door and when the sun come it is such a celebration.


This is time when Norwegians celebrate National Day. Norway is founded with several old European tribes who hold tradition for certain extension of time, through monarch Norway have been under foreign ruling even to day as one of developed country the monarch ruling is still complicated. However the country is among the peaceful and people has such high respect with high regards to their culture.  








People pour into the Main Street most with what they call costume which seem to be tradition dress. Red with white and blue cross the national flag decorate every house and cars. There were high sense of patriotism. Every city, town and village had their parade in their respective area as well as embassy and consulate of Norway around the world as local TV show. It was fascinating parade to watch, the parade was demonstration of different social organization among of them i saw; Salsa dance club, Ku-Fu club, Karate club, Hip-Hop club, Ski, Homosexual society of some sort, et cetera.


  The atmosphere is that of holiday which I can compare with Christmas  or so in Tanzania, everyone is in special clothes with plant of food and drinks; children, adult and even old folks are happy. That is my early experience of this country.   In this long light day I’m finishing fixing my new bike ‘Mama Sita’, thanks to Arusha community to their invaluable support. Tomorrow will be on the road once again heading south. Hope the weather will still be good because the rumors has it, even in the summer it can be below 0c!                                 

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Volunteer with Chile to Kili ‘ Be the Change’


I’m setting off once again to undertake second leg of the ride to cover the distance between South America to East Africa!  As I mentioned in my previous blog posts, there has been a lot happening during my break back in Arusha. I am glad there has been enough time to work on many of the other goals of the project, and to make certain changes which would be hard to do whilst I was on the road.

One of the reforms is regarding the scholarships for young Tanzanian students. Raising funds has proven to be another great challenge. Achieving the goal to provide educational opportunities is one my greatest determinations: I am set on achieving this goal and therefore am forced to try to find alternative ways to provide opportunities for these students. One of the alternatives is to try to contact schools, scholarship institutes and other related organizations or individuals who may give scholarships to our candidate students. This kind of work requires a certain amount of time, skill, commitment and of course self-motivation (which I am unable to give whilst I am on the road). I am therefore now looking for someone who is interested in helping to achieve the dream and who might be able to help our initiative with this task.

Working with the Chile to Kili initiative on this side of the project may be bit easer if the candidate had an understanding or experience with the Tanzania community, the education sector and/ or public relations to some extent. Being based in Tanzania would also be another potential help, but not fundamentally necessary (since the world is growing smaller as our use of technology advances). The school (s) I am keen to recruit are, I hope, to be found in Africa; however it would be a great help if we could find schools which can offer courses in Natural Science, Conservation Biology and Environmental Science.

If you are interested in helping with this exciting initiative and would like to volunteer for a certain amount of time, your assistance would be greatly appreciated! If you live in the local area, you could spend time working in the base office in Arusha, Tanzania where the project is hosted (under the Conservation Resource Centre – a Non profit organization,

For more details, or to express your interest, please write to me at

‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ and be part of this new phase in the Chile to Kili initiative.              

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