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I’m setting off once again to undertake second leg of the ride to cover the distance between South America to East Africa!  As I mentioned in my previous blog posts, there has been a lot happening during my break back in Arusha. I am glad there has been enough time to work on many of the other goals of the project, and to make certain changes which would be hard to do whilst I was on the road.

One of the reforms is regarding the scholarships for young Tanzanian students. Raising funds has proven to be another great challenge. Achieving the goal to provide educational opportunities is one my greatest determinations: I am set on achieving this goal and therefore am forced to try to find alternative ways to provide opportunities for these students. One of the alternatives is to try to contact schools, scholarship institutes and other related organizations or individuals who may give scholarships to our candidate students. This kind of work requires a certain amount of time, skill, commitment and of course self-motivation (which I am unable to give whilst I am on the road). I am therefore now looking for someone who is interested in helping to achieve the dream and who might be able to help our initiative with this task.

Working with the Chile to Kili initiative on this side of the project may be bit easer if the candidate had an understanding or experience with the Tanzania community, the education sector and/ or public relations to some extent. Being based in Tanzania would also be another potential help, but not fundamentally necessary (since the world is growing smaller as our use of technology advances). The school (s) I am keen to recruit are, I hope, to be found in Africa; however it would be a great help if we could find schools which can offer courses in Natural Science, Conservation Biology and Environmental Science.

If you are interested in helping with this exciting initiative and would like to volunteer for a certain amount of time, your assistance would be greatly appreciated! If you live in the local area, you could spend time working in the base office in Arusha, Tanzania where the project is hosted (under the Conservation Resource Centre – a Non profit organization, www.tzcrc.org).

For more details, or to express your interest, please write to me at elvis@chiletokili.com.

‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ and be part of this new phase in the Chile to Kili initiative.              

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