The meaning…

The meaning…

The beauty and weather challeng comfort of home stay with old friend Erik and sun shine into fjords of west Norway. On this short stay away from stink and wet tent my spirit was once again lifted.   Oslo is small city but still bother some Norwegians, lucky the city is surrounded with mountains and forest and partly fiords. This is first capital/city which have been very ease to cycle out due to it size.   Hundred kilometer out of Oslo I was luck to be be hosted with  a Norwegian writer who is living in the wooden cabin in the woods. The former owner of the cabin he was also a writer who collected  priceless books which are most in latin language. The stay with Arne was one of the highlights in Norway. Two of us in the wooden cabin in front of the lake which is recovering from ice savor and discus about these written words. Alcohol and music made the soul floating in the higher wavers which heart the discussion and move from one subjects to subject till was almost morning. Arne is avid touring cyclist, adventurer, walk the distance of north Norway to south, cycled continental Europe,now e is working on his book about his cycling in Americans and Europe. He has one poems book in the market.   

The day out of Oslo weather wasn’t promising. I have never imagine that it will come that the weather will play such big roll in the daily life. In the gray cloud day or cold rain I’m not very enthusiasm to cycle but I have to, in this case I inflict pain n my body as I push had to resist cold. With practice of positive though, things never get too bad.   This is moment when I also sink deep into my though no matter how may times I have done it. In the several occasion when I stop for coffee or in the casual charting people will ask ‘So why are doing this? apparent it is not the question only in Africa or in the highlands of Bolivia. I have answer it so many times till now I start to hear myself the act which now influences my lonely moments in the clod pedaling. I’m take on this as a manifestation of my straggle to attain education, for my conviction of nature and for the quest to inspire those I have came across to. In one instant one man after listen to me very tentative while puff on his cigarette and sipping coffee, he finally ask; ‘who do you think care about this?’. He ask it so plainly with quite a naive tone the facts that made me continue with this conversation in the cold evening into deserted plaza with my new Norwegian friend who couldn’t hide his distant to what sound quite obvious and worth to me.   I wrote about this before, it can start as depressing but it fascinating to see that how things we value, believe and think they are worth can be just absurd to others. I think it only by tolerant and patient we can learn and understand these. For me it because of circumstances I was born in the certain place where the environment surrounding me influenced my knowledge. With the need to learn more and luck of formal opportunity I had to set off on bicycle to learn more, this brought me into contact with may more others with similar challenges with little inspiration to take action. Nature have remain my central focus and integrate my ideas.                                


Second day in Sweden things take different course, sun was out again. I was suppressed who the sun shine improved my state of mind, all over sadden I was feeling strong and energetic to cycle and sing. The fatness of west coast make things even better. I think this weather has effect to everyone as people changed as well, smiles,weaving and chatting once increased. In this time is when I come across the family which surprised me with comfort of bed, worms of generosity, rich dishes, family and friends long summer evenings, even vacation; sailing trip. This not to mention a present of Tuskers beers from Kenya which will last my days in Sweden!. Thanks to Lina and Kerstin family and many more to Josefen a young girl who take pity on poor cyclist.  



In Copenhagen now take a break after long and tire some bus trip to Brussels, Belgium for the bicycle awareness event/conference. Thanks to Cactus and Co for consideration of Chile to Kili.                

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  1. Posted June 19, 2013 at 9:21 am by René van der Weerd | Permalink

    Hi collegue traveller-friend Lelo,
    it is inspiring for me to see you follow your heart, dreams collecting experiences and always curious to try understand . Every day experiencing and collecting impressions, feelings and knowledge .. Live the LIFE !
    I enjoyed your staying and of course our conversations and it was very interesting what you told me about nature, your perception of nature / conservation and about your country. And of course I i liked the wet-feet-walk to the river IJssel in the evening.
    I wish you a good, safe and inspiring trip and hope to meet again and maybe you can show me around one day on the place you live in Tanzania.
    All the best and thanks for inspirational meeting!
    regards Rene

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