Britain and English…

About 300 million people in the world speak English and other we try or speak something like English. Due to my fascination of languages cycling in Britain give opportunity to explore hundreds of English tongue which I find to be so artistic, such as ‘Cockney’. The explanation for this artful tongue of English which it’s name might have come from ‘Cock’ egg’ and the possibly born from the sound of bow bell! That is very close to San click language.

My main question was how this language become powerful language because in some part it is refused but out of importance; In Africa it related to colonial rulers/master. Yes, even in America after independent but there was no choice, i guess. It is still most learned language, consider China. This has lot of economic benefit to UK, bring millions of pounds and jobs.

My curiosity made me travel back on time. Germanic tribe Angles migrate in the island and settle themselves in between native Celtic who probably  today are represented with Welsh, Irish and Scottish (or just languages which are endangered ), later they were joined with other Germanic Saxons who together formulates several small kingdoms. Under civilized Roman ruling, now Anglo-Saxon said to be uncultured and pagan so they preserved important names we have today Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday which commemorate their gods and gods wife. Sunday, Saturday and Monday = Sun, Saturn and Moon. Roman die Anglo-Saxon survived underground just to become strong later as their new ruler Normans speak different tongue from which later English will borrow lot of words.

Even though after wondering in this deep pool of complex history still I didn’t find today English to be close related of any thing, it simply combination of other languages not mention innovation for individual such as Shakespeare (Just hear that he wrote his name in so many formation that we have problem to choose one today) I think that what makes it difficult language to learn. There is lots of inconsistent but it long established language and gods know what was foundation. I guess this challengers makes it strong and forward it still moving give birth to new words everyday, my friends in Nairobi their master of playing this game. To make it more classic but super confusing it has Latin grammar.

 Long way to sustainability…
I was a boy can’t remember the age but this day I didn’t had to go to school, Tanzania has lot of holiday which means less or not at all for most of rural folks. Teacher told as is the day which called ‘Mtoto wa Afrika’ ‘The son of Africa’ and no further explanation, for my grand ma it was jubilation, another one man labour to peak coffee. Peaking coffee for whole day not by machine just by hands, it can be another form of meditation to count the berries. The celebration for me I got to listen to the radio, the things they used to  talk in the radio for village boy all were distance dream but this day the dream was different. They talked about students murdered in Soweto, South Africa and that is for that event is why we commemorate he day. Also the talk about a man who is standing up against all these odds; Nelson Mandela. The story linger in my brain for whole day as I count the red beans. The inspiration seed was saw in me. We can have sustainable development and protect out heritage especial the natural one.

In busy London  as I had to cycle to crisis cross the city for media interviews and meetings. I was stricken with same frustration of pollution.  Carbon footprint measure show that 3 days emission from a person in UK it is one year of person in Tanzania. I guess non will suffer less though unsubsidized peasant farm in Tanzania is likely to suffer more. If that is not enough of unequally there is consuming method. Please read this read this Oxfam report to find out more.    The roll we play when we consume without awareness we increase more poverty and straggle.

 Some cities such as Amsterdam is trying to create more green urban. In London it is hard to commute with bicycle apart traffic the authentic city has challenge to implement new infrastructure. It is my hope that authority will come up with alternatives.

The city has lot of opportunities and here comes lot of good things as well. Chile to Kili  receive a great support from media with amazing interest from BBC. With their broadcast in variation languages I could reach Swahili speakers of East Africa and French of West. My special thank and appreciation to BBC, NTV,Sporah Show and all friends who makes this possible.

If you haven’t see the clips here are links (Note the NTV mistaken my route, thought I did Russia and Asia as well unfortunately didn’t participate on preparation to make correction till the time it went on air) ;

Rural England…
Again with the visa show couldn’t cycle to Republic of Ireland so I’m now doing detour in the England before return to London to sort out Schengen visa again. Cycling out of London took good two hours. Out of the city the scene is such of natural bounty as the weather decide to be on my side. the green hills and blue sky made cycling amazing feelings. The rural life of England is such big different to the big cities, it still main farming up north of London is more of livestock keeping. While London is meting port of many culture sometime feel like white British are minority, in the rural it still cultural and traditions persist. Cycling past these villages in the evenings is common to see English enjoy their Ales beers which sometime others will end up sipping to much. Pubs and bars here has such names which make you wonder what they sell inside; Old Hounds and Hares, Dog and Duck, Flying Spoon, Bull and Spectacles. Others will be proudly name after certain Duke and many goes by Head of Queen or King.
It is also a country of games in these evenings many will be playing variety of games which were also invented here.

I was luck to meet with old friends some help with draft the wind, thank you Ruth. Some show me traditional English/Scottish kindness of village, thank you Alice Hayfield is among of my highlight. And now in Manchester on the way south again.

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  1. Posted July 18, 2013 at 9:47 pm by Pat Frederick | Permalink

    Wonderful comments. I love reading what you focus on and what you learn! You are educating me too!
    Happy riding.

  2. Posted September 3, 2013 at 4:33 pm by Daniel | Permalink

    Hi Elvis.

    I’m Dan. We met in Chester when you were staying with Laura. You ended having pretty much a whole session on the Power Plate machines! I hope you weren’t aching too much afterwards!

    I what you’re doing is inspirational and amazing! It was a pleasure to meet you and I wish you the best of luck on the rest of your journey!

    All the best,

    • Posted September 11, 2013 at 5:52 am by Elvis | Permalink

      That was amazing stretch. No pain. Thanks

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