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GIZ… (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)
The presentation at GIZ, Frankfurt was among of those talks which satisfy me personal. Apart of yield good result interns of creating awareness it also motivate me with the level of understand, participation and communication I had with audience. It increase my optimism I have for the level of individual to the foundation of such company with practical ethics if sustainability. The questions and comments were quite thoughtful which for me demonstrate deep moral responsibility to make participate in the positive changers to our big human family. There were also sympathy and emotions for those who knew the situation. I was glad to hear from the young lady from Sierra Lion who said she was motivated and think of doing something.

Talis and his girlfriend give me the tour of commercial city, full time busy with plains landing and take off. On place which catch my interest is the church where new German constitution was sign after Second World War.

Back on the road, now towards south west the wind is in my face and rain is just few meter from my heard. This part of German has more closed canopy forest, I guess hence the name ‘Black Forest’ Also beg rivers; Mainz and Rhen break the momentum of landscape cities and fields. There are also valleys and rolling hills on the vineyards and forest, these curt off my milage up to half distance for a day plan.

I made it to Trier the historic frontier Roman empire city. Pitch into valley with it roman buildings attract tourist. I wonder along the river mainland and this flat terrain brought me half way to Luxembourg.

I was pretty knowing nothing about this small country of Luxembourg. Apparently is I cycle in I

20130828-123549.jpgdidn’t notice any difference apart of German tongue grew less and French peak up. It very small country I think small than Pemba island of Tanzania. Next day of cycling I was in the city of Luxembourg which I fit the description of ‘Concrete Jungle’. Wilf, a Welsh friend residing gave me a quick tour which answered lot of question.

Seem like Luxembourg have seen, feel and preserve huge part of expensive European civilization. From Roman empire, Spanish Yard, Napoleons, amy be brief to German Nazi and to today severity Luxembourg. Served as mental production center to prevent already destruction of technology development. This make me to think how devastators it can be when we develop and grew technological but poorly develop our inner human values such as good moral, compassion, ethics, etc. Isn’t that rather worse poverty?

Today Luxembourg host european parliament another phase of history is documenting itself here, I guess this time show lots of improvement!

Before I cycle off the city it start pouring this if continue will ruin the day. Louise, friend from Gent visit with great anticipation of cycling. Despite the weather focus claim that it was going to be wet and grey day, the rain kept of missing us by inches till the end of the day.

To Paris…<

I was at Bar de Luc when I that I am one day behind my plan day to arrive in Paris and hours before dead line to meet potential donor in Paris. This stretch particular in the central Western Europe have been tough rather than it supposed to be. Constantly straggle with cities and field have prove to be hard for touring cycling. Mental the region provoke lot of questions, try to avoid but nothing much have been bread than internal battle result psychologic fatigue.

With hope for inspiration at the end of cup of tea there was no any to be found. A man set next to me who happen to be music produce comment that I looked very thoughtful , I wonder if this was since I was born. We chart for a while and learn that for 14 Euros I could test fast train. It total against my description of moral will but may be I am not very discipline follower even to my self. The train was another experience, 316km/h for 14 Euros? Before third page of the book I was in Paris, I can not compare that with two days of pedaling and sweating if not wet with anxiousness of searching for direction into massive city. Though the experience didn’t reveal my psychology situation but still hope for better transformation soon.

20130828-124411.jpgParis, how far can someone travel back into history looking at all those preserved buildings and so forth? Well, there should be lesson to be learnt if the past ever teach us rather that taking pictures. Looking at things like Eiffel Tower with the number of people around I was suppressed but at the end fascinated; Seem like doesn’t matter how old we grow we are still entertained by toys but this is giant toy.

20130828-124459.jpgI was delighted to meet Tanzanian ambassador in France, a wonderful lady with all the patient listen to life time story. That make it, first Tanzania office meeting. There was also Tanzania UNESCO permanent delegation the people who we share same view of education. Thanks to Angie and France 24/Africa for short and great coverage. Thanks to Eric and his family for amazing host!

The next leg of Paris Lisbon sound like different though long one.

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  1. Posted August 29, 2013 at 7:50 am by Dennis Kalisch | Permalink

    Dear Elvis,
    thank you so much for your inspiring presentation at GIZ and the nice cylce tour from Eschborn to Frankfurt. I really enjoyed our talking…
    Wish you all the best for your trip and project,

  2. Posted August 29, 2013 at 5:00 pm by Jacob | Permalink

    great job bro…very inspiring

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