‘Into past and back to present’
The cycling into the midlands of England and Wales apart of reveling the beauty of landscape and culture under what is consider to be definitely exceptional  weather. It was also the journey to the history which more or less effect the whole world.

Chester or Camp as would be referred by Romans, the wall rounded city, was founded by Romans ruled up to north up here and stay in use till the recent Victorian before turn tourist fascination with great historical value.

Liverpool and Manchester is where the major industrial revolution stated. As I walk into relative small authentic city with outskirts of abandoned warehouse, railways and canals. Looking into building of sophisticated architecture and fascinating decorations. I try to imagine the place where comes the ideal of revolution and expansion  which will, dramatical, transformer global social, economical and political. Here is were among the most human exploitative system was born, later will  travel to drive slavery, colonies and today neo-colonialism and capitalism.   Early when I started to see these kind of building in South America I was taken with great amazement and fascination which I can only compare with fascination of the child to toys. Today I wonder about the price laying behind as well as superiorly which speaks louder but possibly not loud as the Pyramids of Giza! I wonder if we will be able and willing to pay the environmental price which seem to be the case of our existence and ultimate happiness.

At some point I come across the build which I was told is where some people who foresee the effect of the new system and possibly driven with human nature they try to oppose what seem to be very immoral system. It is the building where Carl Max and other used to meet.

After testing what is the remain English culture and straggling to exist, Welsh. I made my way back to London, my brain occupied with more question than I had before. I find myself staying longer into the city which I think the main purpose is maintain system which has root from here.

43 Days to exit Schengen Region…
The main surprise this time for visa was to learn than I can not apply for Schengen visa since I am not a resident of UK. It seems like even the one who insure my first Schengen visa wasn’t aware because they provide me wrong information and on top give single entry visa. The matter become complex with countless trips to the city, phone calls, emails, fax long days of arguing and set waiting for my fate to be decided. Final my case was consider, calculate the days which I spent in Schengen region. Out of 90 I still have 43, I am given back 43 with full payment but not new visa. Anyways I am grateful for German Embassy, London for assisting me because for two weeks I didn’t know what to expect. Now I have to bike rather fast to get to Morocco.

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    thats gud my bro i also tried that within zambia it was cool and interesting learningnew things go on you will be supported. god bless you for your effort

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