Sadiki Juma, Our Champion


It have been about four months now since the long ride of Chile to Kili come to the end. Although there are many to do on the other side of this initiative I took long break to allow myself to catch up with the rhythm of life out of saddle. The ride was challenging and partly difficult but the adjustment and come to the end is not as easy as I anticipated. I’m confronted with reality which I somehow neglect or managed to produce some immunity which made move on. Such journey, personal could be “Pilgrimage” but may be fruits of pilgrimage doesn’t bare very quick. I’m not despising all but I think its human nature to look at what is missing-‘Ever improvement’ I think throughout the journey I fill huge part of my personal life, I’m feel strong and able for undertaking what I believe, I acquire knowledge and develop values which will always remain useful.

It is after this break which include some activities of traveling here and there participate in meetings and talks. The main one has been talking with potential candidate for scholarships and improvise the ideal since the goal of raising fund isn’t so succeed yet.


This part of interviewing and selecting candidates isn’t so ease or it made hard due to my rigid back ground especially in education and driving changes. Several candidate failed to demonstrate how they could drive changes or contribute to critical issues in the community such as set inspiration, creativity and even sometime strong academic back ground which isn’t the central qualification but county. Some students already had particular training but haven’t use it yet.

The other main issue is to modify the ideal of scholarship to fit on the current budget. It is obvious that due to what we manage to raise until right now we can only be able to pay for certain training or year of university/collage. I decide that for those candidate who will succeed to win scholarship I can work with them to find other part of scholarship from other sources.

As the process continue, we landed on one strong character, determined and full of promise; Sadiki Juma. Sadiki is twenty one years old, coming from ten children of alcoholic father and low income mother. Sadiki was introduced to cycling few year ago, although he have never being strong one in the Arusha Cycling Club he have managed to maintain commitment to athletics which kept him away from family trouble, streets attempts and options. His failure to good performance in the club could be partially due to luck of equipment and adequate supply of food. Recently Sadiki started to hike up Kilimanjaro as ported to sustain his income.  For more than six months he have been working hard to convince me that he is candidate to be considered. Considering his dedication and determination, and his back ground and immediate social and economic challenges which he share with many other young Tanzania; I choose Saidi to be our first Chile to Kili champion to win scholarship.

It is my hope that Saidi will keep on working hard on his studies so he can be example to his peer and other youth, with his creativity and determination he will be good source of changes and solution to our community. We are now focusing our attention to female candidate so to help us bring about the same effect to woman. Chile to Kili is still out for help and ideal to make this education initiative sustainable. If you have any thoughts or support of any kind don’t hesitate to write to me. Lastly I would like so thanks all our supporters, it is your invaluable support which made all this possible.

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