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Ahmed Salum, another champion

Once again, we are happy to announce our scholarship champion, this time is Ahmend Salum and here is what he has to say about himself. I Ahmed Salum, I have 30 years of age,I was born 1985 at Muheza-Tanga, In 1992 I started P/r shool up to 1999,Although l selected to join Sec School by […]

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Here our second Champions

Songali and Loio are from the Ngorongoro Crater area, their village is located in the in the second crater, Empakai (Empakai village). Neither of them were able go beyond primary school. I met them on Kilimanjaro hike January 2013. At that time they were loaded porters straggling to reach the last camp through Machame route, […]

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Sadiki Juma, Our Champion

It have been about four months now since the long ride of Chile to Kili come to the end. Although there are many to do on the other side of this initiative I took long break to allow myself to catch up with the rhythm of life out of saddle. The ride was challenging and […]

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Arrive, Arusha

I knew that the ride will come to end or at least to stop for sometime but the day I arrived in Arusha it seem like the halt come by surprise. The goals played central part, they motivate and gave me determination. This accomplishment of finish the cycling gave me two different feeling at the […]

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It is 7 days remain before I finish the long ride, although Chile to Kili is one which caught more attention. For me this ride started 2009 when I set off at the same place I will finish this time. I don’t think there is much different of the feelings from that I had in […]

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Goma announced the arrive to East Africa, walk down the dust street I hear people charting in Ki-Swahili. This town which know little of peace is sort of cosmopolitan not only of tenth of international organizations and individual organizations but also for some East Africans such who run business. The cross border day from Congo […]

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Republic of the Congo-DRC-Rwanda

I assume for majority when someone say Congo it fast translated to huge land mass of equatorial forest, with the deadliest conflict since World War II, leaving 5.7million people dead (most of death are not related with fighting). Well, there is Republic of the Congo also known as Congo Brazzaville the different is size and […]

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Cameroon II

I find Cameroon to be fascinating country with some unique aspects of daily life which I will try to share some here. It seem like formal education is still low in Cameroon, this creat the space between half understand of modernity and striving cultures, tradition with it knowledges. Most of my encounters belong in this […]

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Cameroon or Rios dos Camarões (Shrimps Rivers) as it was named by Portuguese explorers. It is the country of scenery, natural bounty and diversity. From the coast line, mountain rangers, rain forest, savannah and desert. This geography variation create the diversity of people as well as cultures. The country habour many euthenics groups ranging from […]

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It was tedious mission to obtain Nigerian visa. To copy up with this situation I adopt life in Cotonou and fall along. If find myself in the simple routine; to the embassy, to the printing shops, to the restaurant where I had expensive but good branch which doesn’t make my stomach run like most of […]

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