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Togo and Benin….

One day and half of cycling brought me to the Togolese frontier. It was quite a busy road from Accra to Sagakope. After crossing the Volta river with it wide green basin there were chains of villages. Near to Togo border life bust out again a dense populated small urban which increase on Togo side. […]

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Ivory Coast to Ghana …and Tanzania elephant crisis…

Malaria slowly left the body though in fatigue but was glad to be out of that horrible fiver. Ivory Coast is well linked with roads this make the cycling far ease compared to dust bumping roads. Around Man area it elevated region with hills and valleys. From lush green forest to palm fringe of the […]

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Asante Tigo Tanzania

As I was writing the Chile to Kili project with great assistance from Jessica Mc Manus she was skeptic about my ambitious dream. I remained confident that everyone will be accepting of what I am talking about because it is obvious; We are the ones who are destroying our environment so it is our obligation […]

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Monrovia to Abidjan and the days of worse Malaria

The road leading inland Liberia is is smooth tarmac but quite old enough to tell the story of one successful place. The city limit is at the slum known as ‘red light’. Here rural arrivers either come to find work or refugee they set up their own shelters. At the stretch of about 1km is […]

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Your Donation and Support

As we celebrate the life, achievements, and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It remind us we still have to raised awareness of conservation of our environment and need for sustainable development. This could be achieved by investing on education hence better knowledge, quality life, technologies, polices, etc. You support to our initiative will […]

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Freetown to Monrovia

History is history but I think it can answer some questions and can also determine one’s direction. Sierra Lone and Liberia finish 20th and start 21st century with down side of human; war and brutality. But also emerge with new optimism and hope most notable; First elected female president in Africa. Ellen Johnson Sieleaf. As […]

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End of Sengal-Guinea-Bissau and Guinea-Conakry

Finishing Senegal… We exchange fare well with Agustin with his wonderful children and extended family who made my stay in Ziguinchor a memorable. The family security dog wouldn’t agree ease with this depart, he chased me for about 2km till he was fetched back with Augustin. I was introduced to Augustin with friends who run […]

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Senegal and Gambia

Seneguli Senegal, some claim the name meant ‘the pirogue’ but not clear from which language is driven. In any case Senegalese can be associate with water and boats, with long coast of Atlantic and many deltas even those who came from main land learn and master water quick. It is hardly to pass two days […]

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Nouakchott to Dakar

The boundary… The capital of Islamic Republic of Mouritania, Nouakchott it is bourder between two distinctive Africa, these two Africa seem to exist with minimum tension but never the less go along. Established after independent, nothing of particular in this city apart of primitive system fighting again modern system; extreme poverty with middle class, bitten […]

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The last days in Western Sahara soon after Dakhla started to become tense. The heat increased the the wind slow down, the desert grew lonely and calm but I felt manifestation of its extreme energy. But nature creat balance event not only to the universe but even with oneself. Hundred kilometers before the frontier with […]

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