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Please note that your donation statement will reflect as The Conservation Resource Centre, the host organisation for the project.

The Conservation Resource Centre (CRC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organisation registered in the United States, supporting conservation and education in Africa. Elvis is one of the star members of the CRC, a student member since 2008.

Why donate?

Money raised from this event will be managed by the Conservation Resource Center (CRC) in Arusha, Tanzania. The Conservation Resource Center provides support for Tanzanian wildlife conservation students and researchers.

The majority (80%) of the funds raised will be used to create a scholarship program for Tanzanian college students. These competitive scholarships will support motivated Tanzanian students who demonstrate a strong commitment to managing wildlife inside eastern Africa, but who could not financially afford to continue their schooling. Scholarships will be granted to students who want to further their education with a certificate, undergraduate or graduate degree in Wildlife Conservation, Resource Management, Ecology or a related field. The Conservation Resource Center will administer these scholarships.  The remaining 20% of funds will be used to support Elvis as he cycles across the globe.

By giving Tanzanians the knowledge and skill sets to manage their own environment, we are turning the power back over to the country 

All funds donated are tax-deductible.

Conservation Resource Centre

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