Mission & Vision

Elvis (Lelo) Munis (creator and coordinator of Chile to Kili) strives to bring international attention to this pressing issue. By riding unsupported the distance from South America to Tanzania, Chile to Kili is mimicking the struggle Tanzanian students face just to get an education.  Funds raised from this ride will go to support Tanzanian students, who desire an education in Natural Resources and demonstrate a commitment to working in Tanzanian/African Conservation and Resource Management. 

Change must come from the inside. This event was conceived and is being carried out by a young Tanzanian, with the dream of raising living standards in his country and conserving its natural resources. After two years of searching unsuccessfully for college funding, he plans to start a scholarship fund to help himself and other Tanzanians in his situation; whilst simultaneously inspiring, motivating the youth of tomorrow and raising awareness of conservation and sustainable development in the global mindset. You can also follow Elvis (Lelo) through the blog