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Arrive, Arusha

I knew that the ride will come to end or at least to stop for sometime but the day I arrived in Arusha it seem like the halt come by surprise. The goals played central part, they motivate and gave me determination. This accomplishment of finish the cycling gave me two different feeling at the sometime. I was happy and joyful that I came to the end after many challengers, risks,happiness, frustrations, etc. There were deep sense of achievement that I was able to make the loop which two years ago it thought that was impossible.

The other feelings was that, yes it is the end! Not of disappointment but the sheer realty that is the end of the adventure and commence of conformity.

I was overwhelmed with happiness seeing all the familia faces of family, friends and strangers as well. Cheering, waving, patting, hugging, hand shakes, congratulating all made me heavy. Throttled with emotions, not knowing what to say back or react. Although some of the friends were disappointed with size of the crowd and general ceremony, I was some how glad it was that small and took short time. I think big one of half or whole day could be like ten days of cycling.

More dramatic reception were after few days when I had to go to my grand mother. I decide to arrive in Marangu in the late evening trying to avoid attention. This did work quite well as my grand mother (about 86 years old) cried out her highest pitch for the joy. The cry traverse the creeks,banana and coffee fields, within few minutes neighbors and relatives start to emerge from half dark fields, joining the cry or call of joy known as ‘shangwe’ in swahili. By surprise the old lady start throughing the part by offering people drinks. Calling God/gods in uncountable names and thanks in several languages. She declared that she now can die happily after seen me. The words were too strong to leave my eyes watery, it reminds me those emotional Mamas in Latin America who wondered what was my parents though about me. I was glad that it was dark so I didn’t had to see the light skin wrinkled face of the old lady whose age decreased her body size while giving her speech.

Two days of cycling from Nairobi to Oldonyosambu I wasn’t tired as I was supposed to, 170km from Nairobi to the border I did it in less that eight hours even though I was still loaded and the day was partly rain. I didn’t think about finish line but I think being so close it had huge impact.

Thanks to Justin and Valerian who came out to Oldonyosambu the nigh before the arriving date, together we camp, enjoyed the campfire with worm beers and tough bbq. I think without them the night could be longer.
Thanks to Tigo Tanzania for the quick organization of small arrival ceremony. Thanks to Erik, Jan, Annabel,Vincent, Dassa, Howard, Conservation Resource Centre, Front Line , ITV and manny others of come out or participate on the reception of Chile to Kili.

Climbing Kilimanjaro….
I’m now working on the plan to cycle from Arusha to the Marangu and hike up the Kilimanjaro as the finishing point. I’m not doing this because I haven’t got enough of cycling neither adventures, it because the goal of fund raise it still far behind. It is my hope this will be another opportunity to bring in more donors/dontions. I also think it will be chance to create more awareness in Tanzania and for for individual/stakeholders to participate in this cause. Tentative plans for climbing is September (proposed date; start cycling Arusha-Marangu 31st August, start hiking 1st September and finish 5th September) . For those who would like to participate in this can also rise funds on their own for Chile to Kili, this will have to cover their expenses for cycling from Arusha to Marangu/and climbing kili. Please, if you are interested write me email;

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It is 7 days remain before I finish the long ride, although Chile to Kili is one which caught more attention. For me this ride started 2009 when I set off at the same place I will finish this time.

I don’t think there is much different of the feelings from that I had in the time I was starting and this time of finishing. In the begin I was eager to start, I was excited that final I made a decision and there I was leaving first time out of the country to the land which I only knew by books, maps and imaginations. It was feelings of happiness and joy but also of fear and uncertainty for many challenges awaiting in the horizon.

It is more or less what I’m feeling today; I’m happy and excited that I’m approaching finishing point. I’m happy for being able to live through what other wise could remain as a dream or imagination.


Well, As I approach finishing line it is obvious that this isn’t me only have to celebrate. There are so may people who participate on this endevour, the numbers are uncountable. Every and each one participate in different level which make me feel like we are so connected no matter of our differences. For this reason I believe all of us we should celebrate together for being the change we wish to see!

One question I hear often now is about my general experience, I’m worrying that I can’t explain in few words but it is my hope that one day I can put all together and write down. I learn a lot but all these concepts, insights and understand need time to be in test and practice so hopeful will be that knowledge I desired.

In several time I have learn that many people wonder how is possible to undertake such endeavor. One comment recently made me laugh was; ‘searching for fame’. Well, I think for some it require to think bit more than that. It was a desire to learn and share what I have leant. It is LOVE of knowledge and to see that others receive adequate education so that the quality will be added to life and hopeful we can make world abetter place for all. It is ENTHUSIASM stimulated with nature an bicycle, I use it in every morning when I have to take on 100km and every other things I engaged with. It is PURPOSE; those goals I set awake me when I was sinking into depression of the long journey, when it become to bumpy and when it was too frustrating.

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