Spain to Morocco

Aren’t we all brothers and sisters?

In the presentations and interviews it when sometime I got to think about things which some how I take for granted or less consideration. Often I don’t thing where I will pass the night which sometime turn to be into vineyard, hammock in the trees, someones back yard, air condition room with luxury room. When I asked ‘where do you sleep?, What about security? Do you have hotel booking for next city?’ Is when I remember how things work for others.

I had wonderful home in Madrid, hosted with young Spanish friends. Marion is a member of warm shower. He let me stay with him and other two room mate who all turn to be so friendly and supportive. Till the last night of my stay we create such a bond one will not expect. From simply internet connection to a friendly and caring.

20130928-144615.jpgThese friends try to dig information and source of my drive to what I am doing, I end up telling the story of my childhood. It turned to be so emotion which leave them with wet eyes. For me it is just circumstance which permit one to learn but from these friend I had a brief moment to think what it mean for someone who grow up in the different place. It was such caring which make me wonder if the humanity isn’t such strong so we are all brothers and sisters? Well, so far that is what I have experience since I was young more reinforced when I take on the road.


Whatever the meaning of this word, I assume it should mean about some tough region. I felt this as I pedal from Madrid towards Mediterenia. It was hot up to 45 C, dry land not sure if it is a result of many Olive trees plantations. If that wasn’t enough there were sierras to go through, most notable one ‘Sierra de Guadalupe’


The road is less complicated, it will be 20 to 50km before turns, it goes through small towns and villages. In the mid day these town are almost dead as everyone sort for shelter out of merciless heat. They are quite bustle from evening to midnight, youngster into plazas, old folks in the from of bar drinking their coffee, beer and common ‘tinto’ while charting. It surprisingly that quite often will see folks taking on walking and ruining.

Thirdly day from Madrid brought me to Merida, other frontier city of Roman empire. Merida has more visible remnant of architecture left behind with different rules

20130928-145347.jpgRoman, Arabs, etc.

20130928-145724.jpgThe road will also wonder along the pilgrim road of Santiago de Compostela which have crossed on the north as well. Often I and together with Nelson we were consider as pilgrims,

20130928-145956.jpgwe come across real pilgrims some on the bikes and some on foot as Santiago himself.

With Nelson…

It was so nice to have company on this last part of Europe. Nelson continue with his passion of being on top of budget and chef. While the days will be short of all the memoir of many stories from South America and his crazy self made raft into amazon. Meals were what I will be waiting for; Chicken barbecue,

Your browser does not support the video tag rice and win for the budget of 5 Euro in the middle of dry sierras, it make life so sweet. Conversation will be intensified when I act as pro-Chinese in the case of who circumnavigate the world first? Should Magellan straight renamed? At the end we had wonderful home stay int he beautiful place in Marbella,

20130928-150529.jpgmay thanks to Aida and Hilario family. It was hard to wave far well to Nelson, his my inspirational adventurer and survivor. His staying was great motivation for the last leg down to Kilimanjaro.

‘Bienvenue dan votre pays’

That was the big sign post welcome me back to Africa. On the one hour boat which leave at 13:00 and and arrive 13:00 there was no time to see and imagine as all the time was spent on the queue to stump passport before arrive. ‘Ca va mon ami’ was a greeting to immigration police, this isn’t common greeting but will be main through out the way as people from horse cart, motor bike buses, students in schools keep on shouting.

I was overwhelmed with the feelings of being back into the continent, it was exciting moment and still high with this excitement. This confirm my deep love for this place. Some will say there are great different from Margheb countries and so and so but so for Morocco gives me that test of East Africa coast and general sense of Africa.

Connection to UN organs…
Although I frankly know about UN and its organs but if you would me what is their real roll I had no clear ideal. From great friend Philippe Gaillard I was linked to my Rabat host Dr. Yves Souteyrand WHO country representative, Morocco. With what looks like five stars room, I am starting to learn what these organs are and do. It was more thrilling experience to share with UNDP members. It was such a pleasure to find out my goals correspond with theirs, the protection of environment and education.


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  1. Posted October 21, 2013 at 4:59 pm by mouloud | Permalink

    mouloud fm Morocco is wishing you good luck. i really liked your adventure especially for environment

  2. Posted November 4, 2013 at 3:51 am by Omar | Permalink

    Very proud of you I wish I was doing this trip with you, I justtured. 51 I’m a black man born Panama living in canada and my dream is to travle the world by bicycle I want to help donate something for you trip, this is my email:

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