Arizona. Recover from malaria

Long rest…

Since begin of the ride in Argentina I was looking forward to take a break in Arizona. Howard family has been supportive from the time I announce my project.  I’m glad that my host are also sort of nonconformity not typical Americans. I’m lucky to be in this desert during re rain season which they call monsoon, apparent this desert receive certain amount of rain, the rain it a scenic event as it build up broke into heart breaking lighting and thunders. The storm can be very violent as it comes down with strong wind. The fun thing is after the rain folks will get out of their house where they hid like bird in the hot days, they will stand in the washings watching flood pains very excited, desert people!

    Starting with Arizona with great host it make me getting through before hit place like Los Angles, Sun Francisco,  New York where even for Americans seem to be another universe.  Upon arrive it was festival mood, lots of food and beer! Cause of good connection we get great support regarding the project, I got bunch of talk. At REI outdoor shop we had few turn out though very useful contacts. Last public talk at Summit Hut other outdoor shop bring good number of people with great donation from shop, $100 gift card to shop at their huge store. I still receive great appreciation from the talk I do for Rotary Club which I’m very grateful to but seem like to gain full support with my goal it require more formal procedure. In this time also had good chance to havve couple of interview with media which give amazing help to spread the word  the project. here is the one of good piece;

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Recover from Malaria…

After one week of taking rest I was wondering that there was no much changer from other days like been o the bike. I wasn’t sure if was hangover due to my little of experience with alcohols. But the fatigue kept on to unenergetic, luck of concentration and bad headache. If I had these symptoms back home I won’t even bother, obvious it malaria but because I don’t see mosquitoes every night forget that malaria exist. There is good chance that I peak malaria in Amazon actual it was total unavoidable. It happen that I start to feel the sign of malaria couple of weeks ago but cycling and challenge weather made me ignore my body but here taking off from the bike I was united with my body once again!

Having malaria in the place like US it might be another show; first everyone get real scared to hear that, other without any understand they though it transmitted disease so once they hear you have malaria the sort of looking on you are hands.  I’m worrying that they tough I have got Ebola. It fascinating me to see   who some people here are super hygienic, they are 99% bacteria free. Fighting for life it another kind of experience folks use all kind of means to stay alive, seem like for other what they fail to fight is to obesity. Looking at this situation remind me back home where people die for simple reason and it fairly accepted.

Second part of the show if you don’t know any symptom of malaria and you meet doctor who doesn’t have deal of tropical disease you may end up dying treating something different. While back home I’ll just show up in the Lab get my test and grab medication in street corn pharmacy, the situation which may last for 2hrs. Here malaria as I said it big deal but that doesn’t mean they will be able to treat you argent you can’t get any medication without pri-describe by doctor. I took my test in the University of Arizona lab, I was shocked with amount of blood taken to check for simple bacteria, it more than the one need to find HIV; 4 test tubes. It called rainbow test due to the variation test tube color.   The first test will come from this lab will show no malaria then next one will come from Utah State, still not sure what they find. I was recommended to see to see the doc who has been in Central Africa Republic long ago when it was peaceful country. Apparently he didn’t bother to go much into details; he said the chance is 60% lab will not see the bacteria. He concludes that ‘you have malaria and I’m going to treat you!’  Thanks! I though they will say I have to go somewhere else or whatever but with doc who has Peace Corps background I get my malaron which cost $120! Again tanks for discount because that was almost impossible to afford. Seen how the medical care system here works it just like to say if you are poor you gonna die, it so expensive (may be for my comparison) but also complicated with good quality.

Grand Canyon…

During the malaria crises  got invitation to drive up north of the state to see one of the world’s wonder, Grand Canyon. Itmost inspiring landscapes, a true breathtaking.  It a geological history looking at the combination and differents of color and size of rocks and erosion forms, down in the crater it about 446km long river Colorado, about 356km driving.

Bowling for Rhino…

I had chance to visit Tucson zoo where I find big sign board ‘Expedition Tanzania’, it a show elephants from Swaziland. I had a good time her as I was welcomed by energetic staffs, they are people who are real into conservation and care of wild animals I was so impressed by their projects. They create some small way to raise fund for ongoing project in the place like Africa trough activities like feeding giraffe. In this weekend they had what they call ‘bowling  for rhino, save your horn friend’ in this eventful evening of drinking beer, throwing ball and several other game they will raise money to support rhino projects.  




Thanks for everyone who help me and my initiative in Tucson and around. Mucho gracias para Casaentropia (Fredric family), Performance Bicycle, Arizona cyclist bike shop, Tuscon Zoo (you rock with Expedition Tanzania!), Arizona Public Media, Channel 13, REI and Summit Hut Marana and Tubac RC and everyone else…much love!


Now feeling much better getting back to the saddle having been exploited by air condition the Arizona desert is going to bake me before I hit San Diego as the road goes down to below see leave in the certain point.  Phienix here chile to kili comes…      

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  1. Posted July 31, 2012 at 5:30 am by Cherrie Barbour | Permalink

    I enjoyed so much reading the blog! What a treat to see what Elvis thinks without editing. Hi Elvis, I met you at Summit Hut. The journey is exciting and inspirational. I hope you get more publicity, but I also hope you do not change. Good Luck. I will keep checking on you.

  2. Posted July 31, 2012 at 4:03 pm by Karles | Permalink
    this plant saves everybody from malaria.
    Some doctors are introducing it in africa from behind of pharmaceutical mafia.

    look for it!!

    hugs from Barcelona!!

  3. Posted August 1, 2012 at 7:19 am by Carrie | Permalink

    Hope you are feeling 100% now. I remember last time I saw you with Malaria after the truck crash – hope this case was not as bad. Your reflections on differences in attitudes towards healthcare in US versus Tanzania are so clarifying and so valuable. Thank you. Say YO to Howard for me. You guys are doing so great! Love to you both

  4. Posted August 5, 2012 at 11:33 pm by Richard Elviajero | Permalink

    Elvis, it was a pleasure meeting you in Phoenix, glad you directed me to the blog, you didn’t go into all this detail when we talked….wow, what a wonderful project. Best wishes and see you in Arusha.

    • Posted August 8, 2012 at 9:20 pm by Elvis | Permalink

      Hola El Viajero,
      Mucho gusto, itw was great to share the story.
      See you soon.

  5. Posted August 23, 2012 at 9:55 pm by David | Permalink


    Good luck to you I met you at the Seaside Market in Encinitas (Cardiff by the Sea) with your friend from Miami.

    If you are back in Tucson sometime look me up for a place to stay or eat if necessary.

    Dave Pfordt

    • Posted September 8, 2012 at 4:15 pm by Elvis | Permalink

      Hi Dave! It was pleasure to meet you. Thank you very much.

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