The home of Tronder tribe who are to be found within 200,000 people live in this second oldest city of Norway with the mark of cathedral which was built the time of Viking despite their reputation of barbaric. The cathedral was down of christianity which eventual took over for thousand of years till today where t is symbol and tradition . After long trip from Tanzania with slight challenge of immigration interviews and searching I landed in this beautiful city patch in the far north in the same position with Fair Banks, Alaska. The sun is out reflection the ice pecks mountains, ocean, lakes and rivers in the scattering wooden houses gives this place a unique and pleasant look.  Since the winter is long period up here people spent lots of time in door and when the sun come it is such a celebration.


This is time when Norwegians celebrate National Day. Norway is founded with several old European tribes who hold tradition for certain extension of time, through monarch Norway have been under foreign ruling even to day as one of developed country the monarch ruling is still complicated. However the country is among the peaceful and people has such high respect with high regards to their culture.  








People pour into the Main Street most with what they call costume which seem to be tradition dress. Red with white and blue cross the national flag decorate every house and cars. There were high sense of patriotism. Every city, town and village had their parade in their respective area as well as embassy and consulate of Norway around the world as local TV show. It was fascinating parade to watch, the parade was demonstration of different social organization among of them i saw; Salsa dance club, Ku-Fu club, Karate club, Hip-Hop club, Ski, Homosexual society of some sort, et cetera.


  The atmosphere is that of holiday which I can compare with Christmas  or so in Tanzania, everyone is in special clothes with plant of food and drinks; children, adult and even old folks are happy. That is my early experience of this country.   In this long light day I’m finishing fixing my new bike ‘Mama Sita’, thanks to Arusha community to their invaluable support. Tomorrow will be on the road once again heading south. Hope the weather will still be good because the rumors has it, even in the summer it can be below 0c!                                 

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    Good luck Lelo my Bicycle Warrior friend.

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